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Be Aware If You Buy A Phisical Copy

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I too am dissatisfied with this manual. At best I feel deceived, and possibly lied to. Battlefront, I don’t know why in the world I would pay an extra ten dollars plus postage and handling for this little pamphlet you call a manual. This is a shame because I wanted to make a post on how much I am enjoying this game so far, because its excitement and realism levels are much improved over the first TOW game which I also purchased. Battlefront I hope you will please PLEASE be more honest in your advertisements in the future. Enough angry customers about false advertisement could bring a suit which I don’t think any of us want to see happen. I have not yet purchased TOW2 Africa and was seriously considering it too, if it as good as this Kursk version. Now however I am reconsidering that.

I am confident that Battlefront will endeavor to make good and learn from this occurrence

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Personally, I'm very upset about this. I feel I was totally mislead also. This game with shipping cost $65 dollars. I did not anticipate a limited edition "installation guide" based on the past games I've purchased. I have been purchasing from this company since the first combat mission came out. I was actually shocked and very disappointed when Martin responded to my email in reference to this issue. I just wasted $20 bucks.

My Email:

> Hi Martin thanks for the fast...yet disappointing answer. Sorry the

> question popped up twice. There's no acknowledgement of it being

> received on the site. I was expecting the 93 page printed game manual

> (same as the pdf), not the 13 page (not counting the 3 pages of empty

> notes) installation guide. Are you sure were talking about the same

> thing?? When I ordered, it specifically mentioned a limited edition

> manual would accompany the disk "as long as supplies lasted". Unless

> you only printed a very, very,very small run of actual manuals...mine is

> missing. Considering I have ordered all of the battlefield series over

> the years with the full manuals, something isn't quite right. I hope

> this isn't coming off as rude its not meant to sound that way. I'm just

> a devoted, long term and happy customer and I spent the extra money for

> the manual, not just the disk. Please respond.:)

Martins response:

the printed manual for the game consist of only those 20 pages. This is

the limited printed manual, because once it is sold out, we will not be

printing any more of it. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding, we'll try

to make it even more clear next time.


All I will say is.....what next time??? If I choose to purchase from here again, it will only be a download. It really sucks that I may not be able to deal with this place again.

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Perhaps most people opt for the digital download in order to get the game more quickly and it has nothing to do with the manual issue. I happen to love my old Combat Mission manuals - the games would be so much less valuable without them.

In any case, there are a lot of "digital downloads" happening out there all right. But if Battlefront wants to actually make money, it had better come up with a method for making the legit copy much more desirable than a "digital" one.

An excellent manual and other physical play aids are a great way to imbue legitimate software with value. If the entirety of your game is easily downloadable - it's easily stolen. You can't have it both ways.

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