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John DiFool the 2nd

Yes, we can have true multiplayer!

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I brought this up in another thread, but it deserves its own.

Because multiplayer saved game files can be swapped between the PBEM, hotseat, and TCPIP folders, and subsequently loaded as any of the three types, you can now (and Pacific also has this capability) do true multiplayer (up to 6 separate human players). In a nutshell:

1. You play your team's turn out as hotseat (both modes utilize passwords)

2. The last player saves it as hotseat

3. He then goes into the hotseat folder, moves the file to the email folder

4. He reloads it as an email game (it's all automated depending on which folder it is in)

5. Hits the end turn button

6. Saves it as an email game, sends it to the other side

7. They load it as a hotseat game, rinse, repeat

I just confirmed that it works as outlined above. I'm only willing to play one of Al's or Nupremal's scenarios, once the latest beta of either is released, but anybody else can knock themselves out with vanilla if they want (Italy IMHO is a much more interesting country to play than China, and it also evens out the teams to 3 on 3, not 4 on 2). The manual warns that opponent replay only will work for the first reload of a turn (the one from the opponents' email file), so everybody probably should get a copy of the new turn (to talk out strategy as well). You also probably want to make a list of minors with their controlling majors, so your "ally" doesn't end up moving around units which are rightfully yours.

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