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Hubert Cater

Multiplayer Thread - Opponent Finder

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I'm an intermediate player looking for some PBEM. I've never PBEMed before but I'm good for a turn or two per day.

I've played SC2 extensively and I recently finished GC on intermediate as Axis.

I'd love to play Axis as I'm most experienced with that power and I'd prefer to play the '39 campaign.

PM me if you're interested.

my e-mail is Gaston_defez@hotmail.com or Gaston-defez@hotmail.es

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Hello I'm new on the forum, how are you all.

I'm new to GC, but did play european theatre with a friend for a while.

I am almost always an Axis player, but will also play Allies.

At the moment I'm off work for 10 days so I can put in alot of turns:) (will also submit turns on workdays)

Email: Grizzly.bb@gmail.com


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Looking like I might get back into PBEM..... is the the only site people are matching up is there another site (Terif still running a site?).

Ok, looking to shake some rust off.. sadly only old games (no GTO SC).

SC 2 v 1.09.. Old timer at this one but very rusty


SC PTO... I'm very new to this one

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I'm looking for an opponent that will not loose his cool and delete the game if the turn doesn't get returned on their schedule. Also someone who realizes that effective communication can solve ANY problem. Someone who is content starting a second game with someone else if the turn is delayed. Early on the game is easy. But as the war progresses, the fact that one cannot save a game mid-turn can require a larger chunk of time than I regularly want to endure. That doesn't mean I don't want to play. I do. But I already have a job with a schedule. This is a game for fun and I play when I can and when I want to. I prefer Axis 39 but would would gladly give the Allies a whirl if that was all there was available. PM me if interested.

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