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USMC Campaign 3rd Mission AAR

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Third Mission- The Flank Guard

Designed by Imperial Grunt

Its now 10h20, June 23

Mission, Plan, Commanders Intent-Golf Co(Captain Goldstein) is to patrol a ravine that runs East of TARTUS in order to provide Flank Security for the 2/8 Marines who will clear TARTUS to secure an all-weather SPOD(Sea Point Of Disembarkation).OP’s(Observation Points) have been established along the Southern ridge in the AO(Area of Operation) to provide an early warning trip wire, backstopped by a platoon sized patrols and trucks along the ravine. Enemy incursions are to be decisively engaged and thrown back North. OP’s will be used to identify enemies main effort.

Enemy-S2(Battalion Intelligence Officer) Estimates remaining Syrian forces on Coast are low grade units with limited mechanized and armoured support.

Friendly26th MEU(SOC)(Lieutenant Colonel Oliver)-

Golf Co(Mech)HQ(Captain Goldstein)

2nd Plt/Golf Co(2ndLieutenant Dixon)

3rdPlt/Golf Co(2nd Lieutenant Callahan)

Forward Observer(2nd Lieutenant Russ)

Javelin Team(Sgt Galanti)

3rd AAVPlt/Bcompany HQ(2nd Lieutenant Galaway)3xAAV1xHQ

Terrain-Generally terrain East of TARTUS is hilly with dense Orchards and Plantations ,few roads two dirt roads travel South to North into a dirt road that travels East to West. There is a steep ravine that runs from TARTUS on the coast into the mountains in the East.

Weather-Slightly hazy with a tiny chance of rain, few clouds


Wind-Medium from West

Ground Conditions-Dry

Civilian Density-Sparse

Start time- 10h20, June 23

Mission begins, time limit 45mins

Between Missions-06h06,June 21- 10h20, June 23

The balance of 26th MEU spent the rest of June 21, all of June 22 and the mourning of June 23 to get its forces ashore and is still reconstituting following the landings and clearing of HAMIDIYAH by 2nd Bat/6th Marines. Elements of Golf Co are moving to provide flank cover East of TARTUS as 2nd Bat/8th Marines prepare to move to clear TARTUS to secure an all weather SPOD(Sea Point Of Disembarkation) before the Marines start pushing through the mountains of HIMS. Golf Co have arrived at the AO and set up positions in wait to engage any Syrian forces that come their way.


On the mourning of June 23 the skies cleared a bit and the sun now sits on top of 2nd Plt/Golf Co(2ndLieutenant Dixon) and the sunlight flickers between the clouds as the sun continues to rise and gets closer to it’s peak. 2nd Plt/Golf Co(2ndLieutenant Dixon) has set up Op’s on the West and East near the roads and is currently holding a line formation stretching from West to East facing North. The Marines had some shade as well as concealment around the orchard field they were located in and could remain out of sight of the sun and the enemy for the time being. The line from West to East of AO goes as follows, 4thSq/AteamMG/2ndPlt/Golf co(Sgt Freeman) is deployed behind a small wall near a house by the OP across the road on its left(West) side. On the right(East) side of the road is 2ndSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Kramer). Beside them going East is 1stSq/2ndPlt/Golf CO(Sgt Larson). On a hill in the middle is 2nd Plt/Golf Co HQ(2ndLieutenant Dixon) and 5thSq SMAW teams(Corp Hollaway and Lance Corp Forbes) were located on both sides(West and East) of the hill. To the East of 2nd Plt/Golf Co HQ(2ndLieutenant Dixon) is 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) and located by the road on a OP is 4thSq/BteamMG/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Corp Pomerantz). Forward Observer(2nd Lieutenant Russ) holds on top of a hill in the East with a clear view on all of the North.


This is the basic movement the Marines would make throughout the mission.

Very suddenly 1stSq/2ndPlt/Golf CO(Sgt Larson) picks up an enemy AT-4A ATGM Spigot 500meters away in the North West of AO beside a dirt road and starts to engage as Forward Observer(2nd Lieutenant Russ) requests 60mm Heavy Quick personnel Mortar fire on the ATGM’s location. Simultaneously 2 BTR-60PB APC’s have been spotted moving South 450meters North East in the AO near a house by a dirt road, and are to far for AT weapons, which is said will be limited in this mission. Enemy artillery rounds started to land in front of 4thSq/BteamMG/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Corp Pomerantz)by the road on the East end of AO and they were forced to pack up as quick as they can and run as fast as they could South out of harms way before it really started to rain fire on their location. They would manage to get South safely and their OP location would later be hit hard and covered with smoke and dust and filled with holes. Friendly 60mm has ended its fire mission and neutralized the ATGM position.5thSq/BteamSMAW/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Lance Corp Forbes) was ordered to move forward to see if they could get a shot on the enemy APC’s that are now out of LOS South below the elevated terrain 2nd Plt/Golf Co(2ndLieutenant Dixon) are on. As they moved up Syrian recon Units were seen coming up the hill in the bush’s near 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) position.4thSq/BteamMG/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Corp Pomerantz) then moved near a dirt road to get eyes on the enemies path and 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) quickly split into teams to set up multiple firing angles and waited to engage the Syrian forces as they approached. 2nd Plt/Golf Co HQ(2ndLieutenant Dixon) managed to locate the Syrian spotters and requested 60mm Mortar Fire support to hit and end the enemies artillery spotting capabilities. There’s hardly any hard cover and taking out the Syrian spotters is vital in order to keep from taking casualties. As the Syrian Spotters were being neutralized by 60mm heavy Mortar fire support, The Syrians were pushing hard and in numbers trying to break through the right(East) flank near 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) . An enemy APC was pushing up the hill to the Marines location and 5thSq/BteamSMAW/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Lance Corp Forbes) was able to hit it with AT, but not able to destroy it and it still remained active and opened up on 5thSq/BteamSMAW/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Lance Corp Forbes).They were able to get down and then relocate safely to another position in the area without injury.

The Syrian troops are getting shot and are having a hard time trying to advance. They are caught between a Marine MG position on one flank as well as a Marine rifle squad on the other with SMAW support and are well concealed in the bush’s at their locations. More enemy immerge in the North East and 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) is forced to pull back South a bit so they don’t draw in enemy fire while they attempt to repel the enemy that’s already near them. As the firefight raged on with the Syrians trying to close with the Marines, a Soldier(Lance Corporal) from 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) was hit in the leg by an AK bullet and is now laying on the ground severely wounded. At the same time another Soldier(Private) was lightly wounded from a bullet when he was nipped by unknown fire from the far North. More enemy look to be rushing in to reinforce the Syrians trying to get through the right(East) flank and have themselves some APC’s in the North East providing fire support. Forward Observer(2nd Lieutenant Russ)is forced to abandon his position on the high hill in the East due to incoming enemy fire and will move to help 4thSq/BteamMG/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Corp Pomerantz) by the dirt road. The first Syrian wave to close in on the Marines were repelled with bullet rounds and m203 fire and the wounded Soldier(Lance Corporal)was safely patched up by buddy aid and extracted for med evac, but not before Sgt Sabo was lightly wounded himself. It’s possible Sgt Sabo was hit by a ricochet, but he’s able to stay in the fight and lead his squad. The situation at the moment is starting to look unpleasant for the Marines as they discovered the fact that they are going to be in a real hard fight and this could soon get very ugly with enemy looking to close and over run them.


Marines repelling the Syrian infantry.


2nd Plt/Golf Co HQ(2ndLieutenant Dixon) attempted to call in 60mm Mortar fire support to hit what would seem like a second Syrian Infantry wave heading to the Right(East) flank. It managed to slow and break up the Syrians as they moved, but at this time more Syrians revealed themselves on the right(East) flank and are trying to over run 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) again. The situation is under some control for the moment and it seems as though the Syrian forces are slow to realize they cannot out run the Marines bullets who are very well concealed and coming from the bush‘s. The USS Mason announces that Naval Gunfire is now available for support. Enemy APC’s appear to be making a move to the road on the West end in the AO and 5thSq/AteamSMAW/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Hollaway) is ordered to move near the road to intercept the enemy BTR APC’s if they show up there. The fighting on the right(East) flank has died down and the last Syrian soldier to be shot ran up and hurled a grenade 60meters. The Syrian troop proved to be good at throwing a grenade at great length, but poor in his accuracy because the grenade landed around 15meters behind 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) on a down slope, and the Syrian soldier was gunned down on his attempt. Forward Observer(2nd Lieutenant Russ) has now requested Naval Gun fire support from the USS Mason to hit within a 240meter area, North East around an area where a Syrian Command unit was spotted. Now in the North West, a T-62MV has been spotted and the Marines are now very cautious about exposing their positions, and quickly after, it was confirmed that there were now 3 T-62s in the North West arriving in the AO. Over on the right(East) flank, an enemy BTR APC crept up the road and found itself 80meters from 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) and around 50meters away from Forward Observer(2nd Lieutenant Russ) and 4thSq/BteamMG/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Corp Pomerantz).The enemy APC took two AT hits from 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) and as the turret turned to them, 3 more AT rockets were fired destroying the vehicle and its crew with a loud and thunderous bang. More enemy appear in the North and it looks as though the enemy are getting ready to square off against the middle and left(West) flank of the Marines.1stSq/2ndPlt/Golf CO(Sgt Larson) and 2ndSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Kramer) are now in a firefight with Syrian infantry located far North around 450meters out and due to all the enemy armour, 4thSq/AteamMG/2ndPlt/Golf co(Sgt Freeman)is forced to remain hidden behind a small wall in the West near the OP. If they were to reveal their positions most enemy vehicles would see them and blow their positions sky high. Enemy armour is now moving and the situation is starting to get dangerous as more fighting starts. As the firefight continued 1stSq/2ndPlt/Golf CO(Sgt Larson) took a casualty. A soldier(Private First Class) was hit by AK fire and lays wounded as the tense firefight continues. It was very hard for the Marines to get at the wounded Soldier(Private First Class) to give him buddy aid, because bullets would be impacting all over their area and they could not move out of their personal cover at the time, and also they needed to continue putting as many rounds down range as possible to keep the Syrian forces from getting the rate of fire advantage and to keep them ducking for cover, so Soldier(Private First Class) laid wounded until things simmered down a bit and until reinforcements arrived. The Syrians are now looking to break through on the Left(West) flank near 2ndSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Kramer) and are 175meters away and closing.


The battle for the right(East) flank, much dust was kicked up.


3rdPlt/Golf Co(2nd Lieutenant Callahan) have arrived on the West and East road with 3rd AAVPlt/Bcompany HQ(2nd Lieutenant Galaway) and 10th, 11th and 12th AAV -7A1(Corp Romaniecki ,Corp Brown and Corp Galanti) vehicles. Golf Co(Mech)HQ(Captain Goldstein) has also showed up on the East road with a Javelin Team(Sgt Galanti).The Marine reinforcements now generate the fire power needed to deal with the armoured threats and the reinforcements start to move into positions to get LOS on the enemy. On the left(West) flank the enemy was trying to over run 2ndSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Kramer) with infantry and an APC closing in, but due to the heroic actions of 2ndSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Kramer) holding their ground, the enemy were stopped in it’s path and repelled. From here reinforcements 3rdPlt/Golf Co(2nd Lieutenant Callahan) will try and fill the gaps in the line formed by 2nd Plt/Golf Co(2ndLieutenant Dixon) to give Golf Co(Captain Goldstein) more fire power to start closing and counter attacking the Syrian forces. As 3rdPlt/Golf Co(2nd Lieutenant Callahan) moves to close the gaps in the line, firefights on all locations are erupting and the situation is now become very explosive and Golf Co(Captain Goldstein) in this intense firefight is starting to gain the upper hand and initiative with the extra firepower that arrived. What was once a small skirmish now turns into a fair size battle with armoured vehicles as well as infantry shooting all over. After having to redirect the fire mission Forward Observer(2nd Lieutenant Russ) requested from the USS Mason, it finally now starts firing for effect on the Syrians formation center where the most enemy Infantry are spotted. The Syrians have been losing the firefights and are now getting pounded very heavily by the fire mission as well as MK19 grenade fire from the AAV‘s. The T-62’s still remain a threat, and are the only serious threat in the AO at this time. They moved to the base of the hill before some of the serious fighting occurred, out of any Marines LOS. One was seen trying to get closer to 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) on the right(East) flank., but the Marines remained ready for any threat and are now set up in a line formation able to use maximum firepower, and the AAV‘s are remain by the dirt road as support just behind the infantry. Javelin Team(Sgt Galanti) was then ordered to move to the hill on the East end in the AO so they could get eyes on and engage the T-62’s.The Marines are having a hard time trying to spot the tanks so its suspected the tanks are close and probably getting ready for a final assault on Golf Co(Captain Goldstein).

Suddenly a T-62 rushed up on the right(East) flank and managed to get a shot off on 3rd AAVPlt/Bcompany HQ(2nd Lieutenant Galaway) vehicle. The Syrian tank scored a Direct hit on the front of the vehicle disabling it completely.3rd AAVPlt/Bcompany HQ(2nd Lieutenant Galaway) was able to get a few MK19 shots off on the tank before abandoning the vehicle and the crew emerged rattled from the blast. 2nd Lieutenant Galaway ended up being lightly wounded himself, but the crew was still intact and gathered their senses and headed for cover as fast they can. The T-62 was 50 meters from the closest Marine Unit and was blown up very quickly by multiple SMAW and AT rockets that were fired at the same time. All this happened simultaneously in a time span of less then 10 seconds. As that T-62 approached, the first AT rocket that was launched missed the T-62 as it moved up and would have probably saved the AAV vehicle if it hit the tank, but in the end the crew survived any way and the T-62 was taken out in a very impressive manner with multiple simultaneous AT shots. Right after without a second to breath, a second T-62 rolled up with a BTR APC with some Syrian infantry in the same area, and Javelin Team(Sgt Galanti) took a shot at one of the enemy vehicles, but missed. Right after though, 2 SMAW teams simultaneously hit the T-62 on each side and a second Javelin missile landed a direct hit on top. It was unclear at first as the enemy infantry were engaged also at this time, but then it was reported that the crew of the tank was likely to be dead inside and the second T-62 was now disabled. While the Marines hit the T-62 and infantry, it gave the AAV vehicle enough time to hit and disable the BTR at the exact same time. Everyone played their part and chose their targets perfectly in that short bust of chaos. It was clear from this point the battle would be won by Golf Co(Captain Goldstein) and the Syrian forces decided to surrender to the Marines. Through out this mission the heaviest fighting was on the right(East) flank at 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) position.


The right(East) flank after the fight.

27 Syrian troops surrendered and It was later confirmed that 50 Syrian Soldiers were KIA and 35 were WIA.2 Syrian tanks were destroyed and also 5 Armoured vehicles were destroyed. What remained on the battle field were one immobilized BTR that was about to be blown up and one that was intact as well as one intact T-62. The fate of the enemy vehicles has yet to be decided.


For the Marines two Soldiers(Lance Corporal and First Class Private) were WIA, each taking and enduring an AK round to a limb. They were given buddy aid, then safely stabilized and evacuated and will shortly be on their way to hospital. 3rd AAVPlt/Bcompany HQ(2nd Lieutenant Galaway) was lucky to have survived their confrontation with the T-62 and only 2nd Lieutenant Galaway was lightly wounded.The AAV they were in might not be repairable, but the mechanics will check it to see what they can do, if it’s to damaged 3rd AAVPlt/Bcompany HQ(2nd Lieutenant Galaway)will eventually get another AAV and continue on with operations. There are also two other walking wounded coming out of this battle. Both are in 3rdSq/2ndPlt/Golf Co(Sgt Sabo) one being Sgt Sabo himself and the other a Soldier(Private).Golf Co(Captain Goldstein) did a great job and the Syrians have been successfully defeated and pushed back North. The North flank is now secure for the 2/8 Marines, and they will not be have to worry about the North Flank as they proceed to clear out TARTUS.

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Thanks for the comments.I like the picture with the Syrian soldier pointing out where he was shot from to.I couldn't believe it when I paused and saw that.Right away I had to look at it from all angles to see what the best view was, and took a pic.The view from the Marine that shot him was the best view by far.

This is my first play through.Whatever happens, happens and there are no restarts.The first mission I played twice, because as I played it the first time when i got it, I kid you not, my power went out ,then back on just as I was getting the troops moving into the town.That right there killed my appetite to start the mission over, so I didn't start the campaign again until way later on.After I played some other missions and did some AAR's and read some others, I figured I'll post a few on the Marines campaign.Most people played it, so I figure they should recognize each mission.

When typing the AAR and carefully reading the briefing to get a clear understanding of what is happening, it made me really focus on what coarse of action I should take and things became fairly clear on what I should do.Believe me, I took time to create a plan to get through each mission. I read and typed up the briefing and spent time scanning the map when i could, then turned the game off,I would think about it for a while from time to time on what i should do, then I turned the game on and played it the next day or after or when ever time permits, with a clear vision of my intention.Let's just say I put a lot of focus into it,and I consider the campaigns as the exam:).I'm also following the campaign and checking out these locations on Google Earth:D It now made me a little wiser on the lay of the land in that part of the world(I Love Google Earth,gives you the world for you to view, just amazing).

CMSF seems to have turned into a little hobby for me, to bad I don't get a paycheck from it:p.I played CMSF enough times now to understand most of what works and what doesn't within the game and how to preserve the troops.That is my greatest goal throughout this whole campaign,is to preserve the troops.The other greatest goal is to get all priority and main objectives and to make sure I secure enough points for a win.I would rather get 2 out of 3 objectives with low casualties, then 3 out of 3 objectives with medium to high casualties.That's my intent anyways for the campaign,who know whether it plays out that way or not.

So far in the first 3 missions, I think 5 Marines got WIA and no fatalities yet, some very close calls with friendly fire also.I also spent time(to much) staring at the positions I started at, wondering if they are going to get artillery dumped on them.More often then not, mission makers always hit you with artillery in the opening of the game.It's basically the only sure way to hit the player good and give him casualties, so now I always expect to get hit with arty where ever the players troops are positioned.Almost lost a MG team at the OP when the arty hit, and i thought to myself 'I knew it'.


Here's a pic of the Syrian soldier who ran up the hill and threw the grenade 60 meters.Behind you can see the holes where the artillery hit by the OP.


AAV's are raining MK19 fire on an enemy BTR APC.It was very impressive seeing the MK19 rounds, arc onto it's target with a high rate of fire.It Created a MK rainbow.

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You did well, I remember finding this mission very very difficult, but then I also don't remember having aavs on this map, they must carry over from the previous mission.

The lack of AT weapons was a real problem when the T62s came over the hill and I had nothing but a handful of AT4s.

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I was very worried that I didn't have enough of the right hardware to take out those tanks.I think at the end of the game most if not all AT was used up on the right flank.If the Jav's and AAV's did not show up, I would have been in real trouble, because all my remaining AT would be located on the left flank,and by time they'd cross and reach the right flank, it would be all over.Plus on top of that,if they were to move to the right flank, they would be moving under fire and no doubt more Marines would go down.

3rd AAVPlt/Bcompany HQ(2nd Lieutenant Galaway)was also in charge of the AAV's and fought in the second mission in HAMIDIYAH.I guess if you lost him in the previous mission, then he was excluded from this one.Makes me wonder if I'll see him again, because his vehicle got disabled.

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