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Yup, I just had a border violation message from Rommel who happens to be the first AI. It could have been triggered by the cruiser that is a few mil away from crossing my own border, more likely it was the group of artillery units I moved which finished up exactly on my border. Oh yes I'm nowhere near Rommel's actual borders as I'm having a playground scrap with Yamato at the top of the map and Rommel is down near the middle somewhere :)

~edit 1~

Next turn, the border violation message comes from De Gaulle who happens to be the second AI. Since De Gaulle is somewhere down near Rommel, none of my units are close to him. My cruiser just crossed my own border and the artillery group is still sitting on the actual border line

~edit 2~

Roughly a dozen turns later, De Gaulle - 2nd AI and Zhukov 3rd AI send simultaneous border violation messages. The artillery group is still sitting on my border line, more interestingly the same cruiser just brushed against my border close to the artillery group, almost on the same spot the last violation messages got triggered. Oh yeah, still no units even close to De Gaulle or Zhukov. Also the aforementioned border of mine is and has been within a centimetre, barely 1 unit's width away of Yamato's border line. :)

So it could be something like pesky cruiser approaches Yamato's border, Yamato 4th AI can't complain directly since I'm at war with him so slips a bribe to Rommel 1st AI to raise a diplomatic protest about a supposed violation, next turn Rommel demands more money so Yamato slips the bribe to De Gaulle 2nd AI. A dozen turns later Yamato notices the same pesky cruiser getting close to his borders at practically the same point, De Gaulle 2nd AI and Zhukov 3rd AI both accept a suitable bribe to lodge spurious border violation protests ;)

It's not paranoia if they really are conspiring against you.

~edit 3~

Annd one turn later we're back to Rommel lodging spurious protests. Note to self: Get pesky cruiser out of this location before every AI decides to go to war with you for no good reason

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