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Play-by-Email (PBEM)?

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I suppose if the server interface is exposed, EoSM clients could be written in any language (ie. Java, Python) and thus be available on any device able to run said language.

That's true. The webservices would be available to any device with an internet connection, although they would have to create an interface. I suppose I could also output the information in html as well, so only a browser would be required. I guess I should make the API interface known so that people wouldn't have to reverse-engineer it in order to create those services.

You wont be able to play your turn on the device, but you could easily respond to messages, trades and diplomacy anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

This type of online functionality is what is needed to bring turn based strategy games out of closed forums and lobbies and into the new millennium.

Sounds good.

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