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Re-introducing the Forum and Game Veterans

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Ahhh SC1:), ...

If you wanted to win, the path was apparent and the Axis had the edge and a bidding system developed for the "Fall Weiss" scenario. Ooooh but there was that editor...ehhhhh JJ. Simple, yet elegant enough to interject that variation into user made campaigns and so the game kept going and we railed for scripts.......and more.;)

Boy ...did we ever get it! Get it Snow?:cool:

Nicely put SeaMonkey. And funny you should mention snow (sorry, Snowstorm, I couldn't resist) I remember a game I had with Hueristic where I had the Allies. In the height of winter the Germans went rampaging across Russia. I threw my hands up on my end and sent him a note: "This is ridiculous. Hubert must be the only Canadian who's never noticed that it snows!" :eek:

Brian The Dane Good to see you again. Guess you lost some posts when the place was reorganized. It cost me something like 1500 or so, probably from the old General Forum. I wonder if I said anything worthwhile in any of them?

KapitainKuni, it's good that you maintain your vigilance. Keep an eye on this guy, and I'm not so sure about any of the others either, better keep a close watch on the whole lot! :cool:

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Way to nail him :eek:, Kuni...you're awesome...he is BtW!:rolleyes: Man...you keep watch on our back, Kuni, we've got yours!;)

And JJ ...glad to see you haven't lost the eye for the subtleties, as well as including them in your posts!

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Ok here are some quotes from the christmas riot for all the new folks to understand what happened 7 years ago....

The christmas riot

The christmas of 2002-2003 saw the first uproar in the forum's history. Competitive play created chaos and made Rambo a force to be reckon with. In the meantime Kuniworth started an identity-inquisition to reveil multiple identity-entries: The result was around 15 padlocks and the banning of JerseyJohn and Jim Boggs on false charges. They were lated reinstated.

"Checked the ip-numbers through a friends software program. Yep Rambo is another player on this net....and I was right it´s the same ip as Hubert. Funny thing; this alias JerseyJohn also uses the same IP"


"Kuniworth....nice try but you have no proof to backup anything you say. I could argue that they are diffrent people by just talking about their member numbers (they are no where near each other), besides, you can tell they diffrent people because they have completely diffrent personalitys. Now quit causing trouble."

Comrade Trapp

"Gotta beat it, Kuniworth is figuring things out -- stop giving orders! -- he's not giving orders -- stop sticking up for him -- you two stop arguing we gotta find a new IP! "


"No way in hell Jersey John Is Rambo.

Same with Hubert, I have assurances from Otto that Hubert isnt Rambo.

But Jersey John...."

Carl G.E von Mannerheim

"Funny no comment by Rambo. I guess he dont have to answer as Jerseyjohn is here."


"Dude, its NOT Jersey John! Considering, He has a wife, whom he refers to as the 'ball and chain' Rambo has a girlfriend, and Hubert Is just getting close to this Jenna (I believe it was). Kuni, i respect you, but youre wrong."

Carl G.E von Mannerheim

"Ran the IP-number through a friends software program.

Guess what I found out;

Carl von Mannerheim is actually Otto"


"I was hoping to find better use of my 1001 Post, but all I have to say is:

"Madness, Madness.................MADNESS!"

CvM (Otto) (Rambo) (Hubert) (Santa Claus) Claus von Barbi) (Monet) (Nostradomus) (Ignatius Loyola) (Winston Churchill) (Teddy Roosevelt) (Smedley Butler) (William Edmund Ironside)

(Gus Grissom)

Its too bad im Catholic or else i wouldve had some interesting Pass Lifes!

BTW, what i Said about respecting you, I take back."

Carl G.E von Mannerheim

"Funny thing; it falls into place - if you look at all facts this is what I think is going oN;

- The mastermind which no one knows the real name of, just referred to as "Hubert Carter" creates the game - he knows leapholes and how to cheat. Now he gotta create a hype around the game.

- He creates an alias - "otto" which he use to make mods and campaigns. Interest grow. All part in the plan....

- Suddenly...strange fellow named Rambo emerge on the forum, winning in strange ways which annoys practically everyone(except me who couldnt care less). The hype around the game is growing, Rambo is mysterious....a poor fellow...lets just call him "Brian" almost commits suicide when he loses to Rambo

- Meanwhile, or a bit earlier, another strange character -JerseyJohn- appears with deep knowledge of the war. EXACTLY the kind of knowlege one had to have if you would wanna create a game like SC. Coincidence? I think not

So what happens? Interest starts to grow in the wargaming world. He Bribed legendary Les the Sarge to visit the forum, makin all the wargaming fans get excited meeting such a wargamer-god.

But the mastermind gotta catch a breath and go on vacation spendin all his new money. So his 14-year old son, Carl, is giving instructions to keep interest up. Carl introduces a new character - CvM - to control the forum. So suddenly "Hubert's" visits to the forum stops while at the same time CvM xan be seen all the time....strange right?

I suspected something beeing wrong for a couple month. But it was not until I tred my friends software program I could see the pattern.

Is it just me or doesnt this seem a bit like a conspiracy"


“I have not gotten a direct response from Rambonehead about sending me a copy of SC and proving I can't fold spindle and mutilate his pathetic little neo wargaming hide, specifically because he has no real skill, and can't handle the challenge.”

Les the Sarge


Comrade Trapp

“I may as well come out with it.

I am really Rambo.

I have multiple personality disorder.

Tomorrow I'm going to be Joan Of Arc.”


“Jim Boggs;

Do you mean that Herbert Hoover is still alive and disguise himself as Hubert Carter. Thats a pretty wild speculation.”


“As stated above, I am not a young kid, and my concepts of treating people with respect and courtesy apparently come across as sappy and gratuitous. I realise that times have changed and the now generation has entirely different ideas on this theme, which is beyond me to comprehend.”

Jim Boggs

“I bought this game last fall and at that time this forum seemed like such a happy place.! However after Chistmas I got busy with my model building and had not played for sometime. I did check in a few weeks ago and saw a complete change in the forum. I guess when this ladder thing came into being everbody went nuts!”


”You need to think for yourself...oh that's right, you live in some Commie-Country were you gotta go with the flow. No wonder you don't like independent, successful, competitive, flag-waving, bible-quoting Americans...it's called Freedom, try it..”


“Please, please tell me what drug you are currently using. I would love to be in your world, even just for a few minutes,...please?”

Otto mistrust´s Kunniworth´s identity-inquisition

“I got told to post this here, instead of there: Rambo is dork.”


“As a newbie, I was pleased to find a forum to discuss the game. I was looking for strats and insights into gameplay, perhaps some matches versus adult opponnents; however, it seems to be controlled by children. I feel like I'm suddenly in the middle of a pre-pubescent pissing match.”

Andre Bolkonsky

“Far as Rambo movies sucking...Of course you don't like them. You're a Russian Communist. The world likes to tell us Americans what's wrong with our culture, life, & religion as they beg to come into our country.

And the crowd cheered,"USA...USA...USA...USA" And the congregation said, AMEN”


“What the hell does this have to do with this TOPIC? You have to be one the most instigating individuals i've ever seen. Man stick to a topic!”


“Conspiracy Theories! I love it! Guess what guys, I'm actually Moon, and Eva Braun/Hitler and sometimes, when I'm really lucky, I'm Cobra Commander, modern day dictator with a socially acceptable and politically correct logo.”


” Hey Rambo, go pound sand. What the heck is the matter with you? Found somebody like me that can talk more smack than you can? You don't like it? You can dish it out but can't take it? You got your feelings hurt or something? Grow up! No sooner did I say something more on this stupid subject than you jump up and throw another handful of mud. You are more predictable than the AI, but with considerably less personality.”

Bill Macon

“For lack of vigilant moderators, this forum tends to drift off-course like some bad scene in "Lord of the Flies.

Bill Macon is desperate

“Kuniworth Thanks for dancing on my grave with such vigor and I hate to say this, but you forgot to zip your fly after doing it on my headstone.”


“I really think this thread can be useful to Hubert and if it gets locked down for turning into a flamefest it would show tremendous disrespect for a class guy”

Jim Boggs

“These petty moanings coming from the self-proclaimed icon, legend, forum-cop, industrialist, philanthropist and bicyclist.”

Leopard to Jon J Rambo

“It's the game, Rambo. Winning or losing, who cares? I sleep well at night, always. I have had to sacrifice for the cause of my integrity. And Integrity, to me, is all that matters. Why do you lie? Why so intense on proving yourself here? Why is this so important that you will decieve and lie and accuse and well, I don't know the words, but the thought is masturbate yourself to excellence in this house?”


“Yes, the locking begins now with this thread. And if things continue on the current note, the banning will follow. Guys, this forum is about SC. No personal stuff. You guys have a Peng thread now for trash talk, use it. Anything off-topic outside of that will be moved or locked, and I am going to kick everybody out of these forums who continues to post nonsense. I'd rather be enjoying New Year celebrations, and since you guys force me to hang around here instead, I'm angry.”

Moon draws the line

"Many of us surely expected your intervention. Padlocks are designed for a good and sufficient reason. Mindless nihilism is hardly a substitute for measured and cogent commentary. Unless of course there is a need to over-throw a terrible Tyrant, or briefly explore the Collective Unconscious"

Immer Etwas

"No problem, "Always Something". Seems to have helped at least, though of course it's possible that all the troublemakers are simply offline sipping champaign, while I'm sitting in front of the computer screen staring at the forums"

Moon the brave moderator

" I got suspicious and ran the IP numbers through my friends softwareprogram.

As I suspected Moon got the same number as Immer Estwas. The conspiracy is growin..."


"Agreed entirely that you had to padlock those alledged forums. Can't for the life of me apologize. First time I've ever been accused of multiple personalities and also the first time I've needed to enlist the aid of Three Headed Dragons, Superman, Alan Ginsberg and Sigmund Freud in my own defence."


"Wait a minute, I just want to get this straight. According to you Rambo is Hubert right? And these two are both JerseyJohn as well. And on top of that I'm the same as Cvm right? OK, now that we got all this straight, the proper way to phrase what you said is: The Gamer known as Rambo and/or Hubert and/or JerseyJohn called the gamer known as CvM and/or Otto a bitch."

Otto doesn´t believe in Kuniworth´s conspiracy-theories

"I've been commenting lately that someone seemed to be tampering with my postings. This morning I found a posting I didn't make with my forum name of JerseyJohn -- it was by Jon__J__Rambo or whatever he calls himself. In it he….posts some stupid remarks referring to me as "Claus Boobie”


“This Jon__J__Rambo character is not the first nor the last fellow to make a nuisance of himself. Just ignore him and he'll eventually go away, or reform himself, or simply be banned by the moderators.”

Bill Macon was wrong back in 2002

“You have a weak mind & character! Why you can't even address me face-to-face. You cry like a little tattle-tale to "Dear Hubert, this Rambo guy is a stud & making me look bad". It's funny, then you turn around & post German soldier pictures like your a tough guy or something. The whole time you hide behind your computer. I don't hide behind the computer; I meet my opponents "in the Game”

Jon J Rambo vs JerseyJohn

It would be nice if people would get rid of those long stupid 'signatures' at the end of their posts. Okay, it's great that you have a cool quote from some dead soldier. Hell, you guys have paragraphs for a 'signature' about a bunch of crap,"Gee, the Finns have a great long sword that fought of the masses in the year 1212; Don't run with scissors or you might get hurt; Yak-Yak-Yak; Yak-Yak-Yak; Yak-Yak-Yak; And another Dead Soldier said, War is a bitch, maybe God will let me in heaven if I wouldn't have killed more to keep them out -A Dead Soldier Signature"

Rambo tells CvM the hard truth

"First off, I think its pretty bad you have to pick fights with a 14 year old, As that now my own AAR's are in the cross-hairs, I feel a duty to defend myself"


"Carl Van History Smack --- Who said I was picking a fight? I was just answering back the same manner you & your slumber party buddies are. You're having some circle hug party over this 'AAR thing'. But at the same time claiming others aren't talking about SC. I didn't see your birth certificate, so maybe you should do a new 'AAR thing' about it. By the way, I'm only 12."

Jon J Rambo

“Where u from private rambo? Holy dog ****! Idaho? Only steers and queers come from Idaho, Private rambo. And you don't look much like a steer to me so that kinda narrows it down.”

Codename Condor

“Thanks also to my friend Rambo for recommending I stop using multiple identities and start being myself, have some self-esteem, etc., Advice well taken. So far I've masqueraded, according to Mr Kuniworth, as Hubert, Rambo, Jim Boggs and CvM . Of the lot, as I've said earlier, I had the most fun pretending to be you. If the truth must be known, JerseyJohn and Kuniworth are one and the same and I'm denying that even as I say it.”


"The SC forums have been quite irritating (and off-topic) in the past, much more so than any other of our forums, and that's why we are currently keeping a close eye on what is going on here. Hubert, now back from well deserved vacations, will be helping, too."


"Sorry for hi-jacking this thread for a second, but it seems like the appropriate place to post that both Jim Boggs and JersayJohn - engaged in such a friendly discussion here - have now been banned.

It appears both are the same person, as a quick IP comparison has revealed. Both accounts used two identical IPs on more than one occasion, which is enough proof for us to assume that it's somebody using multiple logins. This is not allowed by our forum rules, therefore both accounts have now been banned."


"Moon! Here we go man. I suggested before that JerseyJohn was actually CvM. Man I was in the right continent but wrong person. Keep up the work.

I guess some guys will shake now when SC-administration looks deeper into this conspiracy.

No one gonna call Old´Kuni a fool anymore"


"That's no surprise. I thought Boggs asskissing seemed terribly familiar, and nauseating, now I know why. "

JP Wagner

"But didn't u accuse Rambo,jersey and hubert o being the same guy?"


"Nope I said Rambo and Hubert were the same. And that CVM and JerseyJohn showed tendencies to be the same person. I know that this may seem incredible but Im actually workin with interpretin handwriting at the swedish Police."


"What the hell (heaven) is going on? Jersey & Jimmy Bogus are the same dude? There's something weird about that. I knew we already had a bunch clowns online, now we have a circle jerk."


"Jersey --- If you can read this I'll give you a pointer on life: Get some confidence in yourself & don't worry what others think. Be a man, step-up & sack-up.

Jim Boggs --- Lets just call you Jimmy Bogus. Sorry, you can't be on Team-USA if you're some other dude. And if anybody is going to be cloned, it should be me.

To everybody else --- Are there anymore freaks out there that need banned? This includes perverts, german-worshippers, & stuff I don't even want to know about."


"After banning their accounts on the grounds that two identical IP numbers were used on multiple occasions for their posts, and that therefore it seemed that both were the same person (which is a violation of our forum rules), it now seems after additional evidence was presented that this was a mistake indeed. The chances for two IP numbers matching are very low, which is why I took action, but it turns out that it was incorrect to do that, so both accounts are reinstated again. Ain't nobody perfect, and I'm sorry if this caused any inconveniencies. In order to not distract from on-topic discussions, I'm locking up this announcement. Welcome back Jim Boggs and JerseyJohn."


“Mistakes were made, apologies sent and accepted, despite this there were reactions during and after yesterday's incident was concluded. I am asking that everyone just cool off as much as possible.”


"The last time you had these theories I wound up saying I'd defend your right to do this even to the bitter end, Jim Boggs and myself wound up being banned on the mistaken belief we were the same person, You said "Yes, I knew it all along" and proceeded to do a brisk Rhumba on my grave.

But who can remember these things?"

JerseyJohn to Kuniworth, on christmas riot memory lane

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Wait a minute, wait one cotton-picking minute here!

Immer would NEVER say something so... irritatingly uptight as this:


"Many of us surely expected your intervention. Padlocks are designed for a good and sufficient reason. Mindless nihilism is hardly a substitute for measured and cogent commentary. Unless of course there is a need to over-throw a terrible Tyrant, or briefly explore the Collective Unconscious"


Upon refllection, well maybe... he would, ahhhhhh... THAT's why he's in that jail up on the Butte overlooking the Rio Grande River! And has been there since Cristmas riot,

Come to think of it!

Perhaps? He was not REALLY an instigator, an outside agitator, some 60's DEgenerate, oh no, he was... jeeeeeeeez!

An INSIDER. In the fob-pocket of the vest the Big Boys used to wore. Never on the same day, naturally, but every 3rd day anyway!

He wrote babbling notes in a crabbed hand! Scratching frantically like a barnyard cat trapped under a stack of hay!


Hold the phone... scrreeeeeee, wrackle carack... & pop! explodes the weasels!

Alackaday! It's Immer! Coming through on that invisible Blue Bird RAd-io!


Kuni is duping you my old & doddering & cantankerous fraternal Twin Brother!

He is dicing & chopping the ancient scrolls, this heinous felonious text into -- fragments -- that Benefit him and his KIND!

Kinda like photoshopping.

Like where you see a PIC in a slag-mag of Shraron Stone and she's got this 20 year

Old Bod - you know, upper front pushed WAY out and the middle behind

Protruding like a sack full of over-ripe melons! T& A IOW!

Sure! Don't believe this Commie Agit Prop Loki-meister -- for one stinkin' minute!


OK, yer right Immer and -- that's IT!

KUNI & JJ and Comrade & Brian the Wise and CvM, and Macon et al -- it's enough!

I dare say,

O crapola, I need my meds!

The White Knight is walking backwards,

The Red Queen is delerious with her King-sized wedding-eve dreams, and!

The Dormouse has already up and said said said!

"Feed your Head!"

And rambo jr - you bet, it's coming clear now -> HE's the one behind the curtain.

Gotta be. The evidence is IN and damning! Saw it on lap-top split-screen!

He was always... the Oz Man, who has this TREMENDOUS booming voice, only... when the curtain is yanked aside -- well, well, well, what do we see, hmmmm?

A little shrunken gnome that is propped upright by a bent crooked 9-iron. He stoops over and his white beard droops, and eyes're like 2 holes burnt in a white sheet with a smoldering cigarette end,

That burned & burned (twice, if yer counting) in the black-hole pit of the night!

I have had enough!

It's Christmas Riot Redux!

Bring me the pills Jeeves, 'at's a fine fellow!

NO! NOT the suppositories! The little pink and yellow ones you keep handy up yer sleeve

For occasions JUST such as this when all is cruelly framboozeled,

And the Center will not hold, yea,

It's the moment for one last stand!

The one-horned Beast slouches onward across the sun-blistered sands,

And when you stare into the Abyss - Aieeeeeeeee!

The abyss stares directly right back -> into you!

I can't stand it I tell you.

Hiatus time.

Hiatus time.

H-i-a-t-u-s T-i-m-e once more!

O, LOLOLOLOL, ah me the defeated creature at last,

Undone by the memory of some strange holiday riot years & years ago, oh,

Haha haha hahahahahaha!

Ah, ha ha! Hahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

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So what you're all saying is Rambo is Kuni...who is Hubert.....who is JerseyJohn...who is Desert Dave...who is Brian the Wise...who WAS Otto...who WAS Rambo....who WAS Kuni.......ewwwww, my HEAD is spinning. Someone stop the merry-go-round, I'm getting a headache. :D:D:D

OH! Forgot. Welcome, Brian the Dane.

Hey Sea Monkey, I tried once to download the demo to SC1, but didn't seem to be available anymore. Did anyone else try lately?

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KapitainKuni, On behalf of myself, and my various otherselves, I, uh, we, wish to thank you for posting those vintage quotes from your archives, resurrecting old antagonisms. :eek:

-- I remember when BrotherRambo claimed he was twelve years old. I wrote something that wasn't particularly nice and another member told me I ought to be ashamed of myself for saying things like that to a 12 year old! I should have responded that I was only 11. :rolleyes:

-- And then there was Bogsie, RIP, who sent me an Email: We're the same person, did you know that? Do we live in the same house and share each others wives or something? Do we look alike? :D

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Perhaps we should get back on topic and discuss penquins...

I confess I did use the alias of Brian the Wise back then. And based on the reread, I obviously was not all that wise

I'm still not all that wise (on reflection it's pretty dumb to put the word Wise in ones alias, actually).

Kuniworth, I commend your memory. I mean goodness, seven years have passed, and you connect all the dogs, dots I mean, almost immediately. Impressive. Very.

(Gotta say, with the exception of that day, which I put out of my mind, good memories of back then. Good people too.)

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Hey gang!

What a colorful cast of fantastic people; I look forward to being a contributing member to this great community!

As an aside are there any fans of the Bay City Rollers here? I love music and those guys really know how to rock!

Pleasure to make your acquaintance to all of the olde guard, I know it's customary to introduce with a handshake, but why not tear down some emotional walls and have hugs instead gang? I think that would be super!

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Hmmmm....you're a little to quick to embrace things SS.:confused:.....we don't let our guard down that easily, you might have some prevert tendencies?????:P

What ya think Kuni?

But just in case you're cool.....welcome to the group....but no hug....yet!:D

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Okay, we have some Icons returning to the scene of the crime (X-Mas 2002) on the 7th Year Anniversery. Man, we are old now. Problem is, we have no game to play?

Stay Thirsty My Friends, I am the Most Interesting Man in the World,


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Rambo, update PT to 1.03 and then set the AI at expert +2, and take the USN to Japan, see what happens!

No fair if you've done it before, but the first time....well....its competitive so far.

You got game to play!

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I'm going play a little over Christmas, if I get time. My schedule is swamped! I played too much SC-Pacific (well, the Vyperal World Campaign). Those PBEM games were taking me like 4+ hours per day! I need a game that is quicker to get my fix.

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Well, there's the 15 lb hardcover, or the 4 oz paperback.

Good to see you, JP. Hope the snow isn't too bad. The last few years I was up there we didn't get very much; guess it was waiting for me to move south. Pretty considerate of old Mother Nature. :cool:

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Welcome J.P., enjoy the show.

What have you missed? Quite a bit, but no loss, its all still here, 10 pages of entertainment and intrigue, even dare I say some espionage at work. :eek::D

Many of the vets here have already put in lots of background on themselves (and certainly put in their 2 cents, or 2 dollars in some cases), so step right up and introduce yourself, tells a bit about yourself, and don't be shy (pay no attention to "The Man" behind the mirror). :eek::D

Oh, and did I forget to mention? according to Jersey John, the four Horseman of the Appocolypse have joined us today in a neighboring thread also. Step right up and be entertained!

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Well, there's the 15 lb hardcover, or the 4 oz paperback.

Good to see you, JP. Hope the snow isn't too bad. The last few years I was up there we didn't get very much; guess it was waiting for me to move south. Pretty considerate of old Mother Nature. :cool:

I'll be heading to work soon and I'll probably be living there for the next few days...the weather gurus keep upping the totals so NJ might get as much as 20 inches...You certainly did leave at the right time JJ!!!!

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It's probably the first time in my life, JP, that I made the right move at the right time. :D During all those low-snow years I kept saying I wanted to have a little more of it, just enough for some good snowball fights. Guess my request was filled a little too late, and with a bit too much enthusiasm. Sounds like being stranded at work for a while is a good call; here's hoping it won't be uncomfortable. :)

Snowstorm, and now that name takes on diabolical significance; Kuni suspects you've got one of those electron beam facilities in your backyard like the one the government has in Alaska. Okay, you proved your point, if you direct it north most of the country gets buried in snow. :eek: Now please turn the damn thing off! :rolleyes::D

Also, it wasn't I who unleashed the four horsemen, it was some character who dumped 30 inches of snow on their pasture, now their just looking for a place to graze their horses. I mean, after they set me up with a summper bungalo high in the sky overlooking Central Park.

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