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A list of the campaign types and missions here.

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" The game is mission based rather than having a dynamic campaign in the mould of Silent Hunter. As released in Australia consists of 6 episodes. (The forthcoming Battlefront release may have changes).

1 Naval Academy: 3 missions playable as Royal Navy

2 Exercises at Weser: 5 missions playable as German or Royal Navy

3 The English Channel:5 missions playable as German vs Royal Navy

4 Cold Waters (Baltic Sea) 5 missions playable as USSR

5 Land In sight 5 missions playable as Germany or USSR

6.Bonus Episode consisting of 4 missions

Note that although the some of the episodes have geographical titles there is little coastline in the game most missions consist only of open sea or open sea with a couple of nameless small islands. This is probably due to the fact that the maps are only about 25KM square.

The "South Gambit" screens and video suggest we will we will see more actual coastline incorporated in the addon when it appears, hopefully Battlefront will be publishing that too?

As it stands the game has no editor at present, Akella have stated they are working on one and hopefully will put one out at some point but the mission scripts are in a very open and easy to edit format so the talented modders over at the likes of Subsim.com or marinesims.de will no doubt put together a nice editor at some point.

You can put together multiplayer matches against bots but there is no access to the higher tactical functions in this mode it is more of a "deathmatch" style approach."

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