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How many Dads care enough .....

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Man tried to hire prostitute for his son, 14

Fri May 15, 2009 12:44pm EDT

LONDON (Reuters) - A man who tried to hire a prostitute to take his 14-year-old son's virginity as a present was spared jail by a court on Friday.

The Polish national took the boy out in his car and allowed him to pick out the prostitute, who was standing at the side of the road in the red-light district of Nottingham.

But the 42-year-old father was arrested because the teenager had chosen an undercover police officer, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was handed a 10-month prison sentence, suspended for a year, after he admitted a charge of trying to solicit a woman to have sex with a child, the Press Association reported.

The court heard that the father, who came to Britain eight years ago, was arrested last July during an undercover operation by the city's vice squad.

Prosecutor Adrian Harris said the man and his son had approached the undercover officer whose code name was Sarah and beckoned her over .

He asked "Sarah" how much it would cost for her to have sex with his son and they agreed on a 20 pound fee. However, when the car pulled over, the man was arrested by plainclothes police officers.

"The boy said that they had driven past the girl and his dad pointed to her and said 'will she do?'" Harris said.

"He said 'yes' and they had turned round. He said his dad did this because he was still a virgin and he was taking care of that for him."

Judge Jonathan Teare said he would spare the father jail because of his excellent character and that he believed he did not mean any harm to his son.

"You have a duty of care to your son and that is to look after his moral welfare, not as you might think to break him in to the ways of sex through a prostitute," he said.

The court was told the boy would continue to live with his father.

(Reporting by Michael Holden; Editing by Steve Addison)

I decide not to mail it to my father as I think he tried his best to be a good father and to reproach him for missing this would be bad form !? : )

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But isn't the boy-"initiated"-by-prostitute thing kind of old hat? Of course, that was before the days of systematic anti-prostitution campaigns and of only being able to do anything (so to speak) after you reach 18 years old.

What I do find surprising is that this "Sarah" was an actual policewoman, rather than some woman working with/for the local police. But, then, maybe I just haven't watched enough "Cops". :rolleyes:

I wonder what decision the judge would have made (all else being equal) if this incident had gone down in the US.

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