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Countries' names?

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Hello all, i'm a new poster.

I just rebought the game i used to play 2 years ago (i lost the registry key:().

I bought the original and WaW:), and i heard that it is now possible to change a country's name :confused:.

Can someone help me and give me a DETAILED explanation how to do it. I love doing campaings and it whould help me alot.

I thank anywone who replies:p.

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Look in the main game folder and you will find a file named: localization.txt

I open the file with Notepad (the simple word processor that came with XP) and you can find a a section like this:

; Country IDs

#SEA= Sea


#FRANCE= France



Just change the names to anything you like and save the file. Remember that it has to be a text file (extension is .txt).

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It would actually be better to copy that file and place the copy in the specific folder for the campaign that you want to change, otherwise you will change the countries' names in every single campaign.

In that campaign's folder you will also find a file called Campaign.ini. In that file you will also need to amend the line:


To read:


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Thank you for your replies, i'm going to try that and see if it works. I'll say here if i suceeded. :D


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Let me know.

Alberto, Italy

Sure, although i whould like another method of playing.

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