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Chinese HQ not surrending

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Hello all,

Is it normal that after the surrender of China one HQ still fights on? It happened already twice to me. First I thought it was general Stilwell, but it was not. Is this a bug or not?

This has nothing to do with the two China's (China and communist China)

Joris Geens

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I would just like to be the first to welcome you to these forums, and to answer your question it has to do with a free unit script in which there is a certain percentage chance for units of a country to fight on even though that country surrendered. Take a look at the unit by left clicking on it, and if it says something like free Chinese unit then your fine (the color of it would change from blue to tan) if not then you might want to get in contact with Hubert or someone else that is higher up then me. By the way, there are two different China's and neither of which of them are the same, and Communist China is also uncooperative with its neighboring China. This means that they don’t share supply, units, MPPS(Communists China has the father country of the USSR and not China so she aids the USSR and not the actual Chinese, etc so that would have nothing to do with this potential problem. Hope this helps.

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#NAME= Free Chinese Units




#FLAG= 1

#TYPE= 0

#AI= 0


#GV= 1[1,100]

#LINK= 0[0]







The above image shows that there is a Chinese free unit script. If you don't have this you either need to redownload the game, or you are looking at the script once it already happened. Most scripts occur once in the game and then there removed from the scripts page. I strongly suggest that you open Operation Z (new one) and take a look at the free unit’s scripts, and then I think you will see what I'm talking about. If not then you should get in contact with either a beta tester or Mr. Cater as this issue shouldn't be happening on your computer. Hope this helps.

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