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Brent Pollock

Conversion of ASL T2 - The Puma Prowls at the SD II

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Last week I made a CMBB version of the ASL scenario T2 - The Puma Prowls. I just uploaded an updated version to the SD II. For any of you that have the Dec 17 version, the update dropped the contours to Gentle and boosted the ford/bridge height by one to iron out some slope/bridge deck issues.

It's size = Tiny (one AFV platoon each).


Here's the Overall Briefing:


TYPE: Meeting Engagement, Recce Armour

DATE: June 28, 1944

LOCATION: Lepel, Russia

REGION: Central

TIME: Mid Day



TEMP.: Warm

WIND: Still

TURNS: 20+


AUTHOR: Brent Pollock (e-mail: b3b@telusplanet.net)

MAP CREDIT: my interpretation of ASL boards 4 & 22

BEST PLAYED AS: Two Player only

BACKGROUND: During the destruction of Army Group Center the German front became pierced at many points. As the battlefield situation became more fluid, reliable information was of crucial importance to both sides. In the midst of the fighting an unusual clash occured on the outskirts of Lepel-unusual in that both the recon forces were commanded by seasoned, aggressive leaders.

[verbatim ASL scenario card introduction]


None - I just hammered it out and posted it because there is little to playtest.

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