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Ridiculously Easy Strategic Command Contest!

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Step up. Step lively! Have you ever wanted to win something for free, but it just took too much effort or money? Why does every contest require you to have some kind of talent, or forces you to "think" about what you're doing in order to win? What happened to the days when free things came easy? Welcome friends, to an oasis of freedom from anything that requires effort. Welcome to the "Ridiculously Easy Strategic Command Contest"!

Rules are simple. Pick a number between 1 and 10,000. Reply to this thread with your guess. ONLY ONE GUESS or you'll get slapped with a trout and also be disqualified. I have picked the winning number already, you just have to get lucky, punk.

When the contest ends on June 6th, 2008 the person closest to the number I chose will win a copy of Strategic Command 2, Weapons and Warfare and Patton Drives East. If you don't want or need all three, just choose which one you want and the rest will fall down to the next closest guesses until all the prizes are gone. In the case of any ties we'll simply do another 'guess a number' to determine the winner, or a face-off at Thunderdome, whichever is preferable.

Keep non-guess posts to a minimum. Please no dissertations on why you think hexes should be in the game or ramblings about historical levels of coal in Germany on March 11th, 1944. Good luck!!!

NOTE: This contest is NOT affiliated with Battelfront or Fury Software so don't contact them for any reason regarding this. All rules and prizes are strictly provided by myself. I hold sole responsibility for the contest, the rules, the results and the prizes. That, of course, is a disclaimer in case I decide to keep all your guesses for myself and run off. smile.gif

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