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Model Question For Sneaksie


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I just happened to be browsing the TOW Unit Modeling Guide sticky, and I came across the following:

each collision box needs to be a convex mesh
in FinnN's post, which was confirmed by Sneaksie.

I'm guessing those are the collision "boxes". As to why there are two, maybe the translated guide explains it.

If that's old news and you've already figured that out, sorry to bother. smile.gif

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i hope you know modding terms.

A bounding sphere is a sphere containing the object. In 2-D graphics, this is a circle. Bounding spheres are represented by centre and radius. They are very quick to test for collision with each other: two spheres intersect when the distance between their centres does not exceed the sum of their radii. This makes bounding spheres appropriate for objects that can move in any number of dimensions.
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