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Burst Fire possible?

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Is it possible to do a form of burst fire / "clip" where a set amount of ammo can be fired off quickly, with a separate time for reload/cooldown?

In thinking on my air unit I'm working on, I'd really like to see a high ROF, but with limited duration for balance sake.

Looking at the XML it seems you have a single reload time, which is cool, but not quite enough to accomplish this.

Have I missed something, or do I need to wait on this as a "wish list" item?

The only other way I can see balancing this somewhat with a high ROF is to limit ammo.. which significantly limits the duration at which it's useful before needing to call in a Galaxy, or recall the unit for a reload. It's a possible option, but it would be a bit overpowered while it's around, which isn't really what I'm after.. which is opening up different tactic options, rather than having a super-unit.

Hopefully I just missed something, but if not, I'm open for suggestions.

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