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How do you list all possible server parameters?

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Greetings all. Playing around with dedicated DropTeam server. Anybody know how you list all the possible server parameters? Got a lot of questions that could be answered with this capability. The manual says "OTHER ARGUMENTS

There are many other, less common, command line options that can be passed to the

server. To see a comprehensive list of all of them, run the server with only the -? argument.

It will dump a complete list of possible arguments (on Windows, you will need to look in

the file DropTeam.log to see this output)." Well, I get an error "unexpected parameter" in the logfile when I do that. Anybody know how?

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Here's a dump from the last full beta version.


[-address <hostname>] [-hostmode <server|client|standalone|standaloneserver>] [-fullscreen <true|false>] [-terrainquality <1-40>] [-difficulty <0-30>] [-lodbias <0.1 - 2.0>] [-packetsize <bytes>] [-extrasounds <true|false>] [-useshaders <true|false>] [-skybox <true|false>] [-displaydepth <bit depth>] [-displaywidth <width>] [-displayheight <height>] [-antialiasing <samples>] [-usesound <true|false>] [-statnet <true|false>] [-username <your name>] [-sounddriver <name>] [-voicename <voice name>] [-localport <port number>] [-serverport <port number>] [-numbots0 <number>] [-numbots1 <number>] [-maxclients <number>] [-scenario <filename>] [-deploymenttime <seconds>] [-deploymentradius <distance>] [-usevbo <true|false>] [-useterrainvbo <true|false>] [-useambient <true|false>] [-uselos <true|false>] [-modmode <true|false>] [-mod <name>] [-cachetextures <true|false>] [-useparticles <true|false>] [-usefoliage <true|false>] [-usehighres <true|false>] [-usealternatecolors <true|false>] [-rendershadows <true|false>] [-collisiondamage <true|false>] [-enterlobby <true|false>] [-ogre <true|false>] [-gametype <name>] [-gamelength <minutes>] [-skin <filename>] [-lobbyname <name>] [-password <password>] [-wireframe <true|false>] [-usemusic <true|false>] [-usehdr <true|false>] [-dynamicbots <true|false>]

-address <hostname> The DNS name or IP address of the server

-hostmode <server|client|standalone|standaloneserver> Specifies whether to run as a server, a client, or as a single player game

-fullscreen <true|false> Run 'full screen' or in a window

-terrainquality <1-40> Lower numbers cause terrain to render at HIGHER detail (use high numbers if you have performance problems)

-difficulty <0-30> Lower numbers increase the skill level of AI players

-lodbias <0.1 - 2.0> Lower numbers use lower quality models for rendering (can help with poor performance)

-packetsize <bytes> Try to make outgoing packets at least this size (server only)

-extrasounds <true|false> Toggle extra sound effects (may slow performance if enabled)

-useshaders <true|false> Turn off vertex and fragment shaders if your video card can't properly support them

-skybox <true|false> Turn off the skybox if you have a P.O.S video card (visual quality will suffer)

-displaydepth <bit depth> Bits per pixel for rendering surface (16, 24, or 32)

-displaywidth <width> Display width in pixels

-displayheight <height> Display height in pixels

-antialiasing <samples> Number of samples for fullscreen AA (0, 2, or 4)

-usesound <true|false> Enable or disable audio

-statnet <true|false> Enable or disable network statistic monitoring

-username <your name> Your name as it will appear to other users

-sounddriver <name> OpenAL Sound Driver name

-voicename <voice name> The voice scheme to use for voice macros

-localport <port number> UDP port number on which to receive messages

-serverport <port number> UDP port number on which to accept connections

-numbots0 <number> Number of AI players on team 0

-numbots1 <number> Number of AI players on team 1

-maxclients <number> Max number of players that can join this server

-scenario <filename> Name of scenario file to load (server only)

-deploymenttime <seconds> Number of seconds for deployment phase (0 to disable deployment)

-deploymentradius <distance> Size of deployment area

-usevbo <true|false> Enables/disables use of vertex buffer object extension for model rendering

-useterrainvbo <true|false> Enables/disables use of vertex buffer object extension for terrain rendering

-useambient <true|false> Enables/disables ambient sounds

-uselos <true|false> Enables/disables limited intelligence based on line of sight

-modmode <true|false> Enables/disables mod preview mode

-mod <name> Sets the mod to run

-cachetextures <true|false> Enables/disables pre-caching of textures

-useparticles <true|false> Enables/disables particle graphics

-usefoliage <true|false> Enables/disables foliage graphics

-usehighres <true|false> Enables/disables high res textures

-usealternatecolors <true|false> Enables/disables alternate colors for red/green color blindness

-rendershadows <true|false> Enables/disables shadow rendering

-collisiondamage <true|false> Enables/disables collision and falling damage

-enterlobby <true|false> Enables/disables the lobby

-ogre <true|false> Enables/disables OGRE mode

-gametype <name> Sets the game type

-gamelength <minutes> Sets the length of the game in minutes

-skin <filename> The filename of the skin file that controls GUI appearance

-lobbyname <name> Sets the name of the server as it appears to game lobbies

-password <password> The password that allows clients to obtain admin status

-wireframe <true|false> Whether or not to render terrain as wireframe

-usemusic <true|false> Whether or not to play music

-usehdr <true|false> Whether or not to use HDR rendering

-dynamicbots <true|false> Whether or not bots deactivate as humans join

ERROR: dropteam /?

^^unexpected argument

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