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Two input-related problems.

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I've seen both of these mentioned, but I haven't seen a response, so I'll bring them to the forefront again since they plagued me yesterday:

1. Sometimes messages typed to "All" and/or "Team" never make it to the screen. They vanish off into space somewhere, and for a 15-30 second period of time, nothing I type shows up. Afterward, things begin working normally again, but the vanished messages don't show (ie, it's not that they're being buffered -- they're just gone.)

2. These might be related, and this is the more bothersome of the two. After doing my Sir Die-a-Lot routine, I pick a platform (either the same as I just died in, or different -- it happens with both) and click "Drop" and click on the map. Nothing happens for 5-10 seconds, and then I return to the Drop window. Now, it's not that my Dropship is being shot down. I'm used to that -- the "...killed Pilgrim's Dropship" message, the smoking hulk, etc. In fact, the dropship icon never even appears on the tactical map. Sometimes, the cycle even repeats itself two or three times before I get an actual drop attempt...and then I get shot down. :D

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