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Any Player Can Decide the Outcome of Every Game!

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"Dropship Bombs" clearly are the best weapon in the game!!

Did this a few times on each map just to confirm:

What: Use Dropships as Bombs, Enemy Tank Barricades, Smoke Screens, Tank Traps, etc.

How: At game start, the enemy on defense always has anti-air well in place guarding the outpost.

So simply select any vehicle and set your drop point to where you want it to do the above tactics. The shot-down crashing dropship does a great job of defeating any plan the enemy has of defending the base...especially when you drop 272 of them during the course of the game.

I had more than enough vehicles and dropships to completely stop the enemy from forming any kind of defence, mounting an attack, or recovering the base once my team captured.

Probally a good idea to stop this for the next demo/game :D

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