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0.9.43 Release...

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... is now available via Update. On Windows, use Start/Programs/Battlefront/DropTeam Public Test/Game Updater to get it. On Mac OS X, double click on the Update icon in /Applications. On Linux, use the runUpdate.sh script.

Fixes in 0.9.43:


  • Settings are now stored in each user's home directory</font>
  • Fixed crash when trying to continue to next scenario when running on less capable OpenGL drivers (those that provide OpenGL < 1.5)</font>
  • Fixed incorrect "version mismatch" error</font>
  • Fixed server crash when telling a bot to extract in a vehicle that the bot can't drive (such as the Viper)</font>
  • Fixed server crash when bots were given some kinds of drop instructions</font>
  • Fixed chat messages sometimes failing to reach all clients</font>
  • Fixed getting stuck in macro and other windows</font>
  • Fixed destroyed buildings appearing to still be standing to clients who connect after the buildings were destroyed</font>
  • Changed text for "End Scenario" and "Quit Game" buttons</font>
  • Bots no longer keep their drop instructions from one scenario to the next</font>
  • Added Favorites, Last Connected, and Filtering to the server list</font>
  • Improved reliability of server list (won't intermittently leave out servers anymore)</font>
  • Increased audible distance of guns and some explosions</font>
  • Dont allow votes to kick bots</font>
  • Slightly increased penetration of 120mm HEAT</font>
  • Slightly reduced armor for Hurricane</font>
  • Show friendly fire with explicit "TEAMKILL" message</font>
  • Improved images for Drop Window</font>
  • Automatic Updating from within game</font>
  • Escape key now exits the game while in the Lobby</font>

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