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There are three ways to play DropTeam but this public multiplayer test focuses on only one of them.


  • Public Servers - You can join a public server and play with whoever happens to be on at the moment. This is how you will probably play during this public multiplayer test, since our main goal with this release is to stress test the game's networking. This is a fun way to play, but it's not for everyone. The amount of fun you have is often related to the quality of teammates you happen to find.</font>
  • Head-to-head - You can run your own server on a LAN or on the Internet to play against one opponent. This is my favorite way to play. Since there is only 1 human player on each team, the rest of the units in the game are controlled by AI. This leaves you in complete control of all of your units. The game plays more like a RTS in this mode since you need to coordinate all of the bots on your team. You're pitting your command skills against the other player's. You can play this way with this public multiplayer test release, but you have to put up your own dedicated server to do it. In the full release of the game, you can run a hybrid client/server box so you don't need a separate, dedicated server.</font>
  • Private games - By hosting your own dedicated server, you can still play with dozens of people online, but you can limit it to those people who you *want* to play with. You can also decide which scenario to play, who is on each team, the game type to play, etc. This is a great way to play with a regular group of friends and hone your teamwork skills together.</font>

When playing on a public server, obey this single golden rule if you really want to have fun:

Talk to your team!

12 guys independently driving vehicles around and shooting isn't very stimulating. 12 guys coordinating an attack plan and supporting one another with different types of units is the most fun you can have online. It's up to you!

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