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Günzel for Kanzler

"Company Of Heroes" - Realism Mod anyone?

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While waiting for Godot, maybe someone wants to join the COH mod scene?

While criticism of the game is justified for sure, I want to point out that COH, although highly flawed regarding realism, doesn't come fixed at all as some bashers believe.

As announced by developers, there is a wide range of modability for the game open to anyone who wants to spend his time, as well as a big mod studio, namely an editor for anything unit values and capabilities, including unit appearance.

In theory, almost anything unrealistic in COH can be undone easily.

So, if someone here wants to have a look or even donate some enlightened CM wisdom or even models, have a peek here:

Weapons range (discussion section for COH mods)


"Enhanced Combat Mod":


"Code's Realism Mod" (likely your preference):


I don't want to argue about it further. Just imagine, there could be a sort of "Combat Mission" mod for COH.

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Can you change the fact that you build troop factories on the map to buy your troops from ?

I can just about overlook Tiger style armor on a Sherman but setting up an engineer squad cloning facility in a Normandy farmhouse sort of breaks the spell for me.


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