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To kick things off... a poll of sorts...

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1) Don't loose Asynchronous Play (aka PBEM).

2) Don't change the "scale". CMxx has the right number of the right kinds of units to order around, over the right time period.

3) Actually, it might be interesting, especially if the AI improves, to have slightly longer "turns".

4) Don't loose Asynchronous Play

5) Don't loose modability. Add more.


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Don't Change

1. WEGO System.

2. If each game/module released is only going to be two nations please let us have as many troop unit and vehicle types as possible. Or over time cover all the nations and vehicles that CM and it's sequels did. I don't care if it takes fifty modules the historical accuracy and coverage of military personell and vehicles is one of the things that set CM above the other less inclusive WWII games.

3. Camera shake.

4. Nationality languages.

5. modability.

Change To

1. Full movie playback.

2. Deformable forests.

3. Ability to place wrecked vehicles and other damage in editor.

4. Better bridge representation.

5. 1:1 Casaulty markers atleast for KIA's.


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To not change:

1) Turn based WEGO system

2) Bias towards simulation rather than 'game'

To change:

1) Ability to carry a company or battalion over miles and hours.

That is, move away from the 30 minute firefight 'game', and give me the ability to simulate several hours, or days, of action in a freely-flowing manner. Make time a flexible variable.

2) Full movie playback

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1) TacAI: don't let units sneak away from walls (or similiar terrain things)instead of hiding behind if they are shot by the enemy.

2) the convoy proposal above.

3) A 'contact arc'. I am using very often the 'contact' order but the unit doesn't move because there's a unit in LOS which I don't care about because it's too far away or already pinned or routed. Would be cool to move the unit as long as there's no enemy in front of it (or a new enemy unit appears).

4) Let a squad shoot at different targets at the same time. It would be nice to either target one enemy squad (like in CMX1) or to order a 'fire at will'. The last combined with a fire arc could be used by the TacAI to choose the biggest threads and shoot at them (e.g. two advancing squads) at the same time.

5) open file system (import / export units to text files and back to the editor, ) to build up 3rd party campaigns. I am a BoB member and there're excellent campaigns and tournaments. I don't think you can code all these excellent ideas, so I would ask for an easier life of the campaign masters.

Stay with:

1) the game concept (turn based) and realism is great!!!

2) controlling teams and not individual men. I hate that RTS concept of moving single soldiers around.

3) TacAI 's trying to save the unit and disobeys orders.

4) The use of aircraft as it is. The focus for me (and what I like in CMX1) is ground combat.

5) PBEM ability is the most important factor for many players.

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1. Follow/convoy command

2. Better unit step commands (e.g. unit roster menu or step by HQ option, step from last unit stepped verses last unit selected option, step to next Arty Observer, etc)

3. programmable one click mouse wheel quick select buttons that allow configuring the mouse wheel to control viewing height levels, look up/look down angle, looking left/right, unit step (like hitting the +/- keys with each up/down mouse wheel click, camera range (move forward/backward, magnification, etc)

4. Better LOS rules such as AFV as cover, creeks and ditches, stuff like haystacks, sheds as cover, better modeling of walls and fences as cover.

5. Better C2 that make use of higher lvels of command and better models the human factor

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Don't change:


2)Game scale size, in this case size does matter

3)Turn based system

4)Relatively straight forward battle/map editor


Do Change:

1)Ability to flag units to stay with one HQ and not flipflop back and forth

2)Would be great to have a toggle to check what is visible from different points on the map without having to move there and then find out you have no LOS to where you want

3)Grid type maps

4)Assignable keys for different units

5)Get the AI to use any special AP ammo before it's too late.

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From what I read I think you have it nailed.

Like to sees:

1) Convoy movement - select multiple vehicles that will follow a lead vehicle down roads so you only have to map one set of moves - keep a standard distance between vehicles

2) In deployment, instead of pre-placing all units along one map edge, provide a "window" that lists the units so we can click and drag the unit or use mouse clisk to place them on map.

3) Campaign system with the ability to carry forward surviving units that gain experience.

4) One big playback movie file so you both sides can re-live (and die) each others battle with pause, rewind, play and ff.

5) Option for "all English" voice commands regardless of nationality. Use your Hot Key command system to allow us to move between country specific langauge and all english.

Must keep:

1) The core "we go" system of CM


3) Extreme Fog of War

4) Pause/Play/Rewind/FF ability in View mode

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I haven't had time to read all the CMx2 posts, so maybe this has already been addressed. I'd like to see two things done differently-

1. Area fire-Let the player mark a zone for area fire rather than a point. It could work similar to the covered arc comand. Click on the first point. drag the arc to the second point, then move in or out and click to set the depth of the zone. Now a unit firing area cover will adjust firing to fill the zone with shot instead of a single point.

2. Make the map editor very robust and flexible, with options to select areas, cut and paste, and drag selections to another area of the map. Include an option to save the map at the end of the game to use as the basis of a new map.

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Basically what I think I want is an evolution of CMx1 (i.e. the core elements of WEGO and scale etc.) coupled with an improved physical environment and TAC AI. If CMx2 turns out be revolutionary all this is moot.

My 10 specific changes/no changes are


1) Improve the modelling of LOS and visibility. It is very crude in many ways, especially with respect to structures.

2) AFVs above a certain experience should be able to target different areas (i.e. tracks) of other AFVs.

3) If a unit has an indirect fire capability in real life it should have so in the game.

4) Allow a greater variety of vehicle types to be included, e.g. in a WW2 context...buffalos, DD tanks, flail tanks, at the expense of 57 different varieties of PZIV.

5) Delineate the HQ command structure better and no more flipping units between different HQs based on proximity.

No Change

1) Async. (PBEM etc) play. I cannot stress how important this is. It is the ONLY way I play CMx1. Playing humans is many times more satisfying than playing the AI and TCP/IP is not a practical option for me.

2,3,4,5 WEGO, SCALE, elegance/simplicity of the interface and generally getting the opportunity to beat the crap out of Nazis using men in shorts.

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Designer Features I would like to see:

1) Ability to placed damage on map by designer such as buildings (*) or (**) without having to use the map generator, also 'destroyed vehicles', etc

2) Independent of clear terrain for features such as roads, fences, paths, hedges, etc... right now all fences have 10m of open space on each side..

3) Enhanced Briefing capablities which would include hyperlinks, graphic embedding, etc

4) Scalability of Barbed Wire, Tenches, Roadblocks, Minefields, etc, ablitlity to stretch, shrink, bend, etc

5) Toggle for a contour type feature on the maps.

6) Ability to assign multiple VL's variable values.

Playability Features I think have been covered:

Dont Change:


2) The Scale

3) WEGO System

4) Mod-ability

5) Camera Angles/Controls

Thanx for this thread...

That is all...


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Please don't change:

1) WEGO system


3) realism

4) editing capability

5) XX century warfare (pls stick to I, II WW or at least modern warfare, but no space lobsters!)


1) SOP

2) mobile cover (infantry behind vehicles)

3) no more terrain tiles

4) I would like to have the possibility in the scenario briefing to see and print the order of battle (i.e. organized in an hierarchical tree shaped way) in order to always know which are the forces at my disposal

5) Another request in the briefing phase would be a printable map of the area, possibly with a topographic appearance (contour lines, roads, buildings, rivers, etc.).



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My addition to this thread:

1)Convoy system

2)Ability to control smoke motars on the tanks.

3)Ability to play the movie of an entire battle from beginning to end.

4)Start game with troops and commanders grouped together. I am talking about the fact that when to start a game and have to set troops up, they all stand in a line and you have to manually find the troops and comander and group them together.

5) A Campaign system

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Please add:

1. convoy order so that vehicles not under fire can travel along a road

2. campaign system. no need for gamey experience pionts or promotions, just a semi-historical series of battles or operations involving the same unit.

3. gliders, parachutes, landing craft

4. more control over ammunition expenditure, including squads and tanks as well as artillery

5. ability to select an area for the "area fire" command, if desired

Please keep:

1. "WEGO" system

2. WWII setting (for initial release)


4. Similar ease of use of interface, i.e. pls avoid excessive micromanagement with move to 1:1.

5. Lots of playable vehicle, artillery and squad types.

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Follow me/Convoy

QB's to be linked - core units progress with +/- additions together with much more varied victory conditions/objectives.

More deformable terrain esp. woods and in wet conditions shelled terrain turning into mud etc.

On/Off ability to show contour lines (if only from the birds eye views).

Trains,boats,planes together with "Modable scenery/structures".

Also change..Marketing - Make available Direct Download with discount :D

Don't change..

I guess if it aint broke don't fix it..

Regards, David

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1. Random terrain generator. I want the one from CMBO back. It generated natural-looking terrain with dominant features. In CMBB it was changed to make more "balanced" maps that were more generic, uniform and lacking personality. This wasn't as noticable on small maps but it sure was in big games.

2. Bring back the Ambush command. It's much better than covered arcs for some things... such as ambushes.

3. Change the rarity system so that units are either available or not available for purchase, rather than modifying the purchase price.

4. Bring back shockwaves.

5. "TacOps style" SOPs. Gotta have 'em.

Don't Change:

1. Scalability. Don't take away our ability to play big battles with a couple of battalions per side on big maps. This flexability of scale was one of CM's best features. I don't like playing little games.

[ August 26, 2005, 11:33 AM: Message edited by: Vanir Ausf B ]

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Please Add:

1. More bugs that cannot be duplicated. This will make the Grogs pull their hair out running hundreds of useless test situations and keep them off the forum so everyone can have some normal discussions.

2. Large scale Nuclear strike option in the event that your opponent is sure to win. This should equal things out and allow for more "Draws".

3. Upgrade the "WEGO" system to the next level. Here are some examples. WeeWeeGo - GoGo - WeDontWantToGo - WhoGo - WeAllGo. The opportunities are endless.

4. PBEM Spam. Your PBEM file is spammed to as many emails as possible in order to receive at least one file back in as short a time as possible.

5. New Barbie interface to allow for an easier "MOD" change of clothes and proper color coordination with tanks. THIS IS A MUST!

Please keep:

1. Current convoy ability. This function runs as close to the real world, if you consider how many bad drivers there are out there.

2. AIs ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

3. Ability for your tank to rotate in line of site of the enemy and wave its 'behind' at them in order to taunt your opponent.

4. Inferior Tanks not taking a flanking shot at a Superior Tank so your opponent does not get mad at losing such a tough tank.

5. MODS. This is a great thing. I love that I can go over to a friends house and secretly load my "Customized" MODS so that his Panzer II looks like a King Tiger. It makes the game so much more fun.

There are of course many other 'additions' that should be incorporated, but you asked for only 5.








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First post since a long time.

Am too lazy to read the 6 pages of posts. So bear with me as I post my 5 and 5 list of things.

Things I don't want to be changed :

1) Turn based, simultaneous resolution (aka WEGO)

2) 3D view (is it so obvious ?)

3) WW II settings (at least in the beginning)

4) Operations (or any sort of linked battles)


Things that I'd like to see improved

1) when moving groups of vehicules or squad, enable the TacAI to manage the formation (line or column). Often seen as the "Convoy feature". But can be applied to a tank platoon in echelon formation.

2) linked to it : enable vehicules to follow roads, without penalty (i.e. path finding)

3) elaborated campaign mode

4) to add to the previous : elaborated "multi-player" (2 to ... 50 tongue.gif ) campaign mode

5) one email per turn per player PBEM, with the possibility to prepare ones turn while your opponent does the same (a bit tricky but doable).

my 10 cents,


PS: edited to add that I heartedly agree with Black Max, who happen to have just preceeded me while registering on this site. Great minds think alike (or something approaching... ;) )

[ August 26, 2005, 12:18 PM: Message edited by: JeF ]

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Flexible Recon before battles

Borg Spotting

Better AI and realistic action for night combat

More realistic C&C system with more varied orders

QB's for campaigns


Armor system



Extreme FOW

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Scenario Editor


"trusted" PBEM

Multi-player capability (i.e. ability to have 3-4 people plot orders and play, some way of delegating troops to different leaders from the same side)

A way to change forces / mod forces to cover different time periods such as pre-war (Spain) or post war (Korea, Israel)

Keep up the good work!!

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1) Mac compatibility! Though upgraded to OS X

2) Nearly everything else.


1) How about a savable scorecard? Simply name of game, who played against (AI or human), type of victory/defeat, and percentages. Should take minimal memory.

2) There should be a way operational tanks with low ammo can pull up next to a knocked out or immobile tank and transfer its ammo. Obviously this could not take place under fire or with a burning tank. And it should take maybe 3 turns to complete.

3) I've always been bothered by the fact that if any individual grunt can see an enemy unit, everybody can see it. This unrealistically gives every man a walkie-talkie, Maybe only HQ or recon units should have this ability.

4) Sure would be nice to have scenarios for that other little skirmish, you know, the one against the Japanese.

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Hi! Seems like everything has already been said! I will sum my vote to these 5&5s:

Please keep:


2) WeGo

3) WWII environment

4) Playability. Right amount of fun vs accuracy.

5) Tactical level combat. Squads, teams and vehicles are the right units.

Please add/change:

1) Convoy commands. I can stand clicking waypoints for the leading vehicle, but would be nice to issue the rest of the column a "follow" order.

2) Artillery barrage control. Not too much, but we could use three parameters: a) Center of barrage; B) Layout (Concentrated - Line - Circle - Rectangle); c) Orientation.

3) CAS Control. Random, uncontrolled CAS is not bad, nor incorrect (for WWII), but we could use too, Forward Air Controllers to direct CAS to specific targets, as much as we use FOs for artillery support.

4) Game end movie playback! (exportable, of course! :rolleyes: )

5) Maybe not a full Campaign In-Game Module, but we could use some "Campaign Tools" that let us manage current campaign games more efficiently and easily.

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Things I'd like to see:

1: Improved ballistics physics from CMx1. This is something that the CM series has done well, and I think could be expanded upon.

2: Improved damage modelling for vehicles. Again, CMx1 did well at this, I'd like to see more.

3: Accurately display hit locations. There's always that need to zoom in and see just how good a hit that 105mm AP shell got on that Sherman.

4: Improved physics for damaged buildings and vehicles. Soldiers: Hero's of WW2 is a good example of the carnage I'd like to see.

5: Campaign asset management. I'd like to see resupply and repair expanded on, for campaigns. Maybe add vehicles or crew specifically dedicated to repair and rearming of vehicles.

Don't change:

1: Turn / Movie system

2: Emphasis on ballistics

3: Ability to create custom battles, where different units are purchased with points and applied to the battle

4: Emphasis on realism/history

5: PBEM/LAN/Internet Multiplayer

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At present, when you ID an enemy and they then disappear, you get an Icon (red star for sovs for example).

If that same unit appears somewhere else, that red star disappears so you KNOW that that was the first unit you have already seen.

This means that it is very hard to bluff you have more than one tank, for example, by running it around a bit.

If you could have some way of icons slowly fading out over time, it would preserve FOW a bit better....or maybe icons just don't disappear until a friendly unit gets enough of a LOS to see that there is nothing still there

oh, and keep PBEM cos us hardworking fathers have no time for IP!!

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1)Ditto on the formation commands.

2)"Drunk" fitness setting for Soviets(Bwahahah!I'm only half-serious about this, but they had their vodka rations...)

3)No use of identical graphics for vehicles which had considerable differences.(the PSW 233, for example)

4)Ditto on campaign system.

Don't change:

5) SS hampstertruppen underwear(They get a bit bitey).

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