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T-72 BoF is grate game, but it has one drawback, there is no storey about Russian tanker.

Many tank crew’s parish in Yugoslavian war.

I am going to show you some destroyed tanks and there stories.


Croatia (1991)

This T-55 was escorting group of JNA artillery weapons. Unfortunately, group was ambush and took heavy loses. Croatian forces destroyed this tank after long and bloody battle, crew manage to escape. Despite taking heavy loses, group manage to get to safety.



Destroyed T-55’s on rode to Sarajevo. Tanks belonged to Bosnian-Serb Army.

JNA lost (totally destroyed) around 40 M-84 and T-72 tanks in Vukovar battle. This tanks were if first line of attack. Number of damaged tank was higher, but all tanks that where damaged were repaired and sent in to battle in record time. One M-84 was hit 14 times whit RPG, it was repaired and sent in to combat fifteen days later.



Column of destroyed tanks and armored vehicles (JNA).Group was ambush in Borovo village (on rode to Vukovar). Croatian forces destroyed (damaged) six M-84, one T-55, four BVP M-80 and one special tank.


Again, Borovo village two M-84 abandon by crew (august 1991).

More is coming soon… smile.gif

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