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Barnet Yip

Add NightVision

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Hi Barnet, night vision is fully simulated in the game, and rather well (at least in terms of visibility). You can switch to night vision view using the PgDwn and PgUp keys. Your graphics card needs to be able to support pixel shaders however in order to see the effect. You can check some of the screenshots posted on the website to see how it looks.


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Originally posted by Barnet Yip:

Thanks! I hope we can able to drive the T-90 in the game soon

It would be nice to see new tanks in future, maybe even T-90, but then name of the game would not be “T-72 Balkans on Fire” it would probably be “T-90 Balkans on Fire”. smile.gif

Another thing is that, guys that made the game know thing or two about history, T-90 was not been use by JNA or any other side in war. :D

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If you ask me it would be nice to see Ka-50, but it was not in use.

Mi-8 is enough it can bust tanks and that is what this game needs.

If you ask me, M-84 can replace T-90. smile.gif





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I can help you, all the thing you find on internet for M-84 are probably going to be on Serbian so I am going to translate some of them to you. smile.gif

Model: M-84

Made in Serbia :cool:

Weight: 41.500 kg

Crew: 3

Engine: V-46-6 / V-46TK (M84A / AB), 12-cylinder

Range: Rode 70 km; Cross-country 50 km

Fuel Capacity: 1200+400L

Length: 6.96m

Height: 2.19m

Width: 3.46m

Armament: 125 mm cannon 2A46; 7,62 mm machinegun PKT (M-86) and 12,7 mm PAM NSV (M-87).

Ammo: 42 rounds for 125 mm cannon; 2.000 rounds for 7,62 mm and 300 rounds for 12,7 mm machinegun.

It looks like T-72 but it is much better smile.gif , it has same characteristics like T-90s, it has some advantages and some disadvantages.

It served in Kuwait and many other countries. Of Course, Serbian army is using it.




M-84 in battle(1991-1995 Croatia)


M-84 destroyed in Croatia, ammo explosion


New M-84

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There is little difference between M-84AB1 and PT-91, but ten years of war have changed M-84.

PT-91 is nice tank, M-84 has better engine (more hp), and it is lighter, M-84 can also carry more ammo. There is little difference in type of gun. All other things are more or less same.

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