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Brightness Issue in CMBB

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Using Nividia 30.82 and downloaded Powerstrip and the brightness issue was resolved using it.

Now Powerstrip is not working.

I tried downloading a newer version of drivers, then went back to 30.82 and Powerstrip no longer works. I uninstalled powerstrip and reinstalled it with no effect.

Anyone know what to do ?


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yeh, i have a brightness issue with CMBB and am using version 40.xx drivers with Powerstrip 3.28.

is powerstrip a registered version? it may have passed it's shareware license. but i don't think pstrip does that, does it? it just has a startup screen that gets longer and longer until you decide to ither buy it or uninstall it.

powerstrip doesn't appreciate changing the drivers. it's often best to uninstall pstrip BEFORE changing drivers. then reinstall it after the new drivers are setup.

what OS are you using? winXP is supposed to have no problems with updating to newer drivers [tho i disput that] and with win98SE it is best to uninstall w/o reboot, then use Detonator Destroyer [from www.voodoofiles.com ] to remove the left over driver files that may conflict with your newer drivers.

then reboot.

set up your display as standard PCI VGA...

reboot again [you should prolly be in 16 colour mode now... that's good]

NOW install your drivers and hopefully everything should be fine.

i think this is the same setup for winME but i hated winME so i never used it more than a few weeks b4 abandoning it for win98SE and/or winXP Pro so i wouldn't know.

detonator destroyer might be ok for win2000 also. best to check for compatibility.



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