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some problems with demo

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thanks dan, for helping me get the demo!

anyway i've had some problems:

i think my computer is too slow. 600mhz, 512mb ram win98se.

in single player the ai always freezes up during a manuever. i have had only a few completed games (mostly where both planes of an element get wiped out in the first few turns). i don't think i have had a complete 6 turns yet. the oddest freezes are when the ai has one card left and is trying to decide on a manuever. it occurs on any aspect of the turn: altitude, leader, wingman, etc.

can't get an online game unless i turn off zonealarm. this is even after i told zonealarm to let dif do whatever it wanted, connect to internet, be server, etc.

error messages including stuff like "directx" "directplay" kept me from playing online so far. i tyhink it's the one mentioned already in other threads.

when i get a new computer i'll try out the game again.

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