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Can somebody please enlighten me on how Italy comes into the war? I've seen it come in from November to May and as far as I can tell the situations were identical(no movement of French African corps, Germans in France but not adjacent to Paris).

I know several of my opponents and are scratching our heads about it.

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Assuming you are talking about SC2:WaW and the fall weiss scenario then this is the script you should be aware of:

; Allies abandon their land positions in the Mediterranean resulting in a

; 3-5% increase in Italian activation towards Axis:


#NAME= Allies Abandon Mediterranean Positions (Italy->Axis)




#FLAG= 1

#TYPE= 2

#AI= 0



#DATE= 1939/09/03

; 3-5% activation increase towards Axis

#ACTIVATION= [3,5] [1]

; Set variable conditions:

; 1st Line - UK politically aligned with Allies and not surrendered

#VARIABLE_CONDITION= 1 [2] [100] [0]

; UK abandons Gibraltar OR

#CONDITION_POSITION= 55,33 [0,0] [0,0] [2] [0]

; UK abandons Malta OR

#CONDITION_POSITION= 85,35 [0,0] [0,0] [2] [0]

; UK abandons Cairo OR

#CONDITION_POSITION= 112,40 [0,0] [0,0] [2] [0]

; France abandons Tunis OR

#CONDITION_POSITION= 77,35 [0,0] [0,0] [2] [0]

; France abandons Beirut

#CONDITION_POSITION= 118,33 [0,0] [0,0] [2] [0]


The UK unit on cairo is the one that is probably causing the problem here. Leave it in place unless you don't mind early Italian entry.

Personally I always bring Italy in early enough for the French navy to assist the Royal navy in taking apart the Italian navy.

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The good thing is you can always easily answer such questions by having a short look into the event scripts which you can find for each campaign in the respective folder. And if you play multiplayer and don´t want nasty surprises during the game I can only recommend to take a look at the scripts first (especially concerning readiness and effects of unit positions) smile.gif .

And as the manual states:

„For a complete and exhaustive list of changes and additions to Weapons and

Warfare please refer to the Version Notes.txt included in the installation directory.“

The only difference between SC2 and WaW concerning Italy are the Med garrisons - which usually causes Italy to join early when the allied player didn´t look at the script changes: in SC2 UK has to garrison Alexandria, in WaW they need to garrison Cairo ! Often players don´t pay attention to this change and this results in Italy joining already in 1939.

Complete list of things increasing Italian readiness:

- Nations surrendering to Germany = + 3-5% readiness

- Allied DoWs = + 5-15%

- Allies abandon Med positions = +3-5% (75% chance each turn)

- Allied aggression in the Med = +5-7%

- German units within range of Brussel = +1-3% (50% chance each turn)

- German units within range of Paris = +5-10% (75% chance each turn)

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Thanks for the info. I'm like most American males - I only read the directions as a last resort! I've gotten better over the years but I just can't get used to reading off of pdf files. I always end up printing them. I'm expecting the tree huggers to picket my house any day now smile.gif

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What exactly is considered "- Allied aggression in the Med = +5-7%"?

Moving ships to close to Italian controlled lands?

Moving land units to close to Libya, Ethiopia?

How close?

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Allied aggression in the Med = Allies invade Iraq

P.S.: Since there are many relevant scripts you should know when waging multiplayer war, it is best to get familiar with just opening the script files and take a look yourself smile.gif - takes usually much less time than to even type the question and press the send button :D

[ February 17, 2008, 12:46 PM: Message edited by: Terif ]

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