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Eventual Digital Download only price

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I understand, that THIS SECOND (which will soon not be the case of course) the game is still in pre-order status, and a Digital Download comes with a promise of a physical delivery.

But as physical means shipping and handling on top of the price (which is 45 correct?), the question for me curtrently, is what will the eventual Digital Download price calculation be.

I am assuming it would be 45 bucks plus tax and nothing else.

As it stands, I just don't have the cash today, so regardless of how sweet the current pre order offer may or may not be, it's not material (to me that is).

I'm planning to go Digital Download when I CAN get it, and the plan is to do Digital Download, and not fret that I might not have an official silk screened cd and a box with a manual. I am sure your manual will be a nice production, but in cutting my cost, something has to go, and it if means I have to print out portions of a pdf file some other time, I'll live with it.

So, even though the site hasn't got the pricing set up, is it a detail that can be just simply stated for my benefit here.

What will a DD only purchase tax included copy sans physical purchase cost a Canadian buyer? (use US funds, I'd rather avoid transitory currency shifts).

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It's no secret, tough:

$45 for digital delivery only. No tax applicable if you're Canadian.

$45 plus shipping for mail delivery only. You don't get the download, but you get the cd+printed manual in mail (this is the way it used to work up until now with all Battlefront games).

$55 plus shipping for both digital delivery and mail delivery. You get to download right away AND you get the cd + printed manual in mail later.

At the moment, that last option (download&mail) is only $45 plus shipping for all pre-orders, so technically you save $10.


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Thanks Martin.

This pre order offer generosity BF is offering for the SC2 release, is I think a very nice deal, and commendable.

I hope BF will consider this for any other future release.

It had been mentioned over at Matrix Games, alas, I think the original point was lost.

It appears they have missed the spirit of your offer here potentially. I can only speculate.

It's not like a publisher will be releasing that many titles, that it will be a frequent occurance.

It's nice that the guys that put up their cash in advance, were given some slack.

Matrix Games appears to figure they already do a digital download + physical shipment for an extra 10 bucks is what it's all about.

I suppose they are not aware for this limited time, the physical shipment isn't an "additional" cost, like it might routinely be.

It would really be nice if publishers of wargames, maybe took your offer as an example to heart.

It would be nice to see MORE wargames offered to wargamers who speak up early about their purchase with their wallets, get a time limited price reduction.

I think everyone knows it's no picnic making wargames, but there has to be some benefit for early support.

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