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AAR SC2 Liam (Axis) vs Terif (Allies) – Surgical Strike

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Original SC2 Version:

In 1939 the war began that should ravage Europe for nearly 4 years...with Liam´s forces advancing deep into Russia....further as they had ever reached before...until at the gates of Stalingrad the fate of the world got finally decided.

Liam´s generals opted for an early LC attack, operating many units west...too many....and so the brave polish defenders went into the offensive, cutting of the invaders from HQ and home country...nearly wiping them out without supply...forcing the german commander to order a halt to the western invasion, having to operate several units including all tanks back to Poland....

...with such forces present in the region, Romania got greedy...wanting also a slice of the cake...and joined immediately...months before Poland finally had to surrender to the countless enemys invading from all sides.

France (June1940 – no free french), Vichy France (July 40) and Spain (Aug/Sept 40) then fell in quick order...with England standing firm against the aggressor, defending its island – delivering small blows every now and then...like against several axis airfleets building their airfields too close to the still british occupied Brest...consequently overrun by british elite soldiers on the ground...14 str points of enemy fighters destroyed in the raid.

German priority was Iberia and (re-) producing aircrafts day and night...so in the desert Rommels Afrika Korps arrived very late...also suffering under severe lack of oil and reinforcements...only beeing able to absorb Tunisia (Mai 41) and Vichy Algeria (July 41) into the axis empire before Barbarossa began with Russia declaring war to Axis in August 1941.

In Winter 1941 the first big clash of the titans occured not in central Russia where the icy weather forced an artificial cease fire on both sides, but in the hot sands of Egypt....both Russia and Germany had sent their main forces there instead, to fight a desert war for Middle East and Egypt....Egypt falling into Axis hands...not much later liberated by russian tanks, air and bombers flying attacks 24/7....in the end the entire german Afrika Korps with HQ and heavy machinery had to surrender and go into russian prison camps...only a lonely paratrooper unit managed to escape the encirclement battle by flying out accross the russian lines with their prepared planes...

In the meantime on the seven seas in best naval tradition, England made clear who is ruling the ocean smile.gif ....in several large battles around Gibraltar and Marseille most of the italian fleet got sunk, together with Bismark, Graf Spee and Tirpitz....not much later the Baltic is cleared from all german rowing boats...Endresult of the naval battle: 2 UK ships lost...13 Axis ships/subs destroyed – the last surviving italian cruiser hiding in Taranto port till the end of the war.

With all Axis forces now concentrated in central Europe and USA not joining before June 1942 – Allies decided to avoid any direct confrontation against the on land and air at that time far superior german forces...waging a partisan war instead by raiding each and every insufficiently defended area on the edges of the axis empire...alienating small nation after nation in the outer rim territories....pulling them into the allied camp one by one...draining the axis ressources while building up themselves.

During 1942 Axis forces meanwhile pushed deeper and deeper into Russia...destroying the fortification line at Kharkov-Sevastopol in one of the bloodiest battles of the war....around 40 units destroyed on both sides...until Russia was bleeded out and finally had to retreat the last surviving corps unit :D ...every other russian soldier in that battle either died or went into prison camp....and so Winter 42/43 for both sides was dedicated to rebuilding their respective combat forces.

Spring/Summer 1943: the next axis expansion phase...along the river northeast of Kharkov russian and axis forces are facing each other...during mud and snow shooting with their artillery accross the water whenever they need to warm up and have spare ammunition....now with clear summer weather setting in, the largest air operation of the axis forces begins....10 axis air units start bombing the russian defenders day and night....the first advance accross the river gets stoped cold in its tracks...german tanks and paratroopers destroyed by russian tanks that were waiting out of enemy spotting range as counter reserve...but finally after dishing out some more heavy losses to the invaders, Voronezh falls into enemy hands. All russian tanks though beeing able to retreat into safety after taking several hundred thousand german prisoners smile.gif .

July/August 1943...Still no battles in the west....relying on false intel reports about the allied strength and preparations...the german Führer expects a fast victory against Russia....preparing for a short war instead of building up his forces and strengthening defences first....gives orders to take the city named after the russian leader at all costs – Stalingrad has to be destroyed no matter what....a decision that should cost Axis the war....

Counting on the earlier demonstrated reckless and aggressive behaviour of the axis commander, Allies prepared a Europe wide strike to end the war once and for all:

Millions of US and UK soldiers embark on amphibious transports around the world...waiting in front of Albania, Sicily, Marseille, Spain, Portugal, France and northern Germany for their signal...all three allied major nations preparing every available paratrooper in England and Africa for their missions...

...finally in August 1943 Stalingrad falls to Germany after a first bloody battle and the axis armada exposes itself...getting vulnerable...the time for retaliation has come:

D-day begins with a massive wave of 6 allied bombers...destroying Berlin and most other cities in western Europe in a firestorm...followed by 11 airfleets pounding the axis defenders from Spain till Germany...UK and US special forces landing all over the Axis empire...within 2 turns encircling or destroying most of the axis forces present in central Europe...dealing a deadly blow to the axis economy, ending the axis ability to produce more war materials in the foreseeable future...in one of the more notable operations occupying the german industrial heart with Hamburg, Essen and Frankfurt...eliminating also any possibility for Axis to both retreat or send reinforcements into the battle with any other city further west either liberated by Allies or bombed to dust.

Simultaneously Russia starts its own invasion in Spain and the liberation of the motherland....tanks held in reserve behind Stalingrad and Moskow move full speed to the front, destroying the first row of german forces accross the river and the ones that just conquered Stalingrad...taking Stalins city back....annihilating countless units which are standing in their way...overruning and destroying axis airfleets on the ground....

Threatened to be cut off from their home country and beeing traped in a massive encircled area from Stalingrad till Kharkov, Axis generals at the front unanimously lay down their weapons before any more axis blood gets spilled....and so the war ends with a 2-turn surgical strike smile.gif .

War photographies of the last Axis breaths:

Axis defences in France shortly before the 2-turn surgical strike:


In turn 1 France gets liberated, first Axis defence line destroyed – full break through in the second turn:


Spain and Portugal Invasion:


Encirclement Battle of Stalingrad:


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Yes, the infamous Polish Resistance held out long enough to give a boost to The Russian Morale...This restructured the whole of the Soviet System, instead of building a defensive infantry army, they built a highly mobile and highly offensive Army to conquest the Entire British/French/Spanish African Colonies and take out the Mid East and Finland. Stalin must've known it was in the bag all along for him, and after 100,000 British Commandos sacrificed their lives in D-Day 1... They were serving their Russians Masters, by destroying Luftwaffe planes and Airfields but meanwhile only giving more Space and opportunity to the Evil Eastern Empire! Certainly the West could've made a Deal with the Axis... a Mutual Anti-Communist Pact... I suppose not in this release tongue.gif

Anyway... British were weak most of the game, except at Sea, where the Royal Navy did shine and because of British Aggression in Sweden, the True D-Day didn't happen until '43 by then there was so much Allied Air, the sun was blotched out. Similarly in the East there was so much German Air, there sun was also blotted out there... Go Figure tongue.gif

It didn't matter the Russians were a lot Richer than the Germans by '43 and could've rolled over them all the way to Berlin. I attempted to Take out the neck of the USSR, but in my feeble attempts I was out of Fuel... Allied Bombing and the loss of North Africa as a base freed up reinforcements to harass my flanks. Essentially this was just one flanking maneuver after another, until the final one cut the jugular of the Axis...

You cannot give every piece of land without finally losing... I was praying for more Speed and grease in my wheels so they could've made it all the way to the Urals, but this would not be. some 45 or so Reds died and about 30 or so Germans in the Titanic Struggle just 1 or 2 cities short of their ultimate goal... I was bled to death slowly

Terif played well

Had I played more flawlessly I imagine I could've perhaps given him a true Match. We'll see next time

Entertaining Challenge smile.gif

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