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Black Screen Problem loading 1st time - need config file

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I just reinstalled my PC with Win2000, with DirectX 9.0b and 44.03 Detonators, installed CMBB and patched it to 1.03


There is the bug I began to hate a year ago...

When you start CMBB for the 1st time he scans your resolutions and so on, but I see only a black screen.

I remember I solved this problem by clicking wild at the screen 1000 times and more and then the window appeared and CMBB run fine -> Config file (bb prefab somewhat dunno how its called) was created.


I klicked 1000000 times at the screen - nothing happened.

So please send me a config file with resolution 1024x768 and 100 Hz at


I forgot to backup my working config file, im so dumb :mad:

Thanks to any1 who can solve my problem.

I want to play CMBB, I want to see my Hetzers and my Elite SS Division :(

Edit: FSAA is NOT Active, and Alt+Tab doesnt work !

[ August 24, 2003, 03:05 PM: Message edited by: r0tten ]

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Solved the problem - had to override game refresh rate settings via driver options to 60 Hz, start CMBB and rechange the refreshing settings to 100 Hz.

Damn, I should read the FAQ before posting ;D

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