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Mapping mission conversion request

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For some reason, I am not able anymore to export maps, that are made in MM, into CMBO.

I tried to slice my latest creation into smaller segments, but to no avail. The program hangs and only shows a black screen.

Secondly, I seem to have lost my CMBB CD.

Since the map is a bit big - approx. 3 x 4.5 km - I guess it would be easier to export it to CMBB instead of CMBO.

I am looking for a good soul that wants to export my map into CMBB and convert it into a CMAK map with CM converter, so I can work from there.

Thanks for helping.

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In order to get me rid of my frustration and save Kingfish from Dante's inferno, is there someone out, who is familiar with the use of Mapping Mission 1.12 and is able to export a map from Mapping Mission to CMBO or CMBB?

Thanks again.

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Sorry, but I need once again assistance of some sort.

When trying to export, Mapping mission doesn't seem to recognise the downloaded CMBB version, I have currently on my lap and systems hangs on a black screen.

So can anyone export an Mapping Mission File to CMBB. It should be exported to an operation map, since size is 4000 m x 2600 m.

zip.file attached.

Thanks to anyone who wants to help out .


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