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Bannon DC

Margit Island, Budapest -- Campaign at TDS

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Margit Island sits in the middle of the Danube between Buda and Pest. For decades it was the playground of the wealthy, now it will be the scene of a World War I style infantry struggle.

Historical scenario. Scale recreation of 2.25 km by 700 m wide island. Largely parkland with a few building including a spa complex, swimming pools, polo field and cafe area. Axis OOB based on historical data. On Jan. 19, 1945, the Soviets secured a beachhead on the northern tip. On Jan. 21 they made another successful landing a few hundred meters south. This is where the operation starts.

10 battles, 20 turns (fixed). Night every third battle. Weather pattern mixed. Allied assault (reach end of map). Possibility of Soviet airstrikes if weather clear. Both sides have a reserve if the going gets rough... and it will. Ideal for 2 player game, but also works well as Russian vs. AI. To win, German player should plan for the long haul.

Margit Island, Budapest available at The Scenario Depot. Comments and reviews welcomed.


This Google image courtesy of Bardosy who helped identify details of island buildings and landmarks.

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