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Hello Dandelion

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Glad to see you back on board...

Some time ago you mentioned on this

forum that you were working on a version

of the Carentan operation for CMAK....

I have just completed a faithful copy of

Los's original CMBO op; a project I inherited

from Bruce ('Pud') who did most of the

work, but had to give it up for university.

I couldn't stop myself from reading a bit

about the battle, and now I have a lot

of questions regarding order of battle and

so forth....perhaps with a view towards

a slightly different H2H version...for

example, some US Paras crossed the Douve

and canals by boat...

If you (or anyone on these forums) can point

me towards further info about this battle,

or want to share any thoughts, please do so...

Meanwhile, I'm just giving 'Carentan Classic'

a final playtest before posting it to




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Thanks Kingfish-

I'd already found & read this

account...great maps, but a little short

on some pertinent details...it sparked my interest,if only because the artillery support

mentioned for the Americans consists

of 105mm SP guns and 75mm pack howitzers...

In contrast to the CMBO op, which uses

155mm and 75mm...

Is the US 105mm considered to be

under-modeled in it's blast effect?

I am in contact with Los (creator of the

original CMBO op) and am awaiting his thoughts

on this issue...

Thanks again,


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