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John Kettler

Playtest DAR feedback for rune

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My profound apologies for taking so long to get around to this, but it wasn't till now that I finally had enough brain function that taking in the substantial forces involved, much less what to do with them, was workable. In three prior attempts, I simply wasn't equal to the task. Force is huge relative to what I usually play with. Map's gorgeous and very atmospheric!

Since I can't remember whether or not this scenario's been released yet, I shall speak in generalities until otherwise informed by you. This won't be the blow by blow of ROW AARs,

but offsetting this will be a series of game saves

I'm doing and can make available to you.


May or may not be a bad thing, but I left everything where it was initially, ordering a general advance, but withholding motorized elements on my right, seeing as how I literally had no idea at what point I might come under fire.

Summary H-Hour to H+15 minutes

A general advance was ordered under Move until nearing the top of the embankment, thereafter Contact. Objective was to get support weapons into position to observe and fire, prior to advancing the infantry proper. The bend on my far left caused things there to take longer to organize, but this was done, too. Meanwhile, the left side of my main right grouping took a sustained hammering from observed/TRP fire. A platoon plus support elements near the embankment took a fair drubbing, routing one squad and cutting up and pinning the rest for several minutes before something resembling order could be restored.

Because I was still involved in clearing the path to the wall, a substantial traffic jam developed as, er, new arrivals appeared, and the original sequence went by the board in consequence. My most powerful support weapons at the beginning are now effectively the tail of my road elements and will remain there until I have enough situation awareness to figure out where best to use them.

Meanwhile, I saw some Infantry on the main drag by the Villa (fired on by support weapons with unknown effect) and have been playing try to kill the carriers and friends on my far right. LOS and carrier smoke are making it tough by severely limiting firing opportunities. On the plus side, I think it's a reinforcement entry point. I have eyeballs at the wall already and shortly will have several impressive items there as well. Forward elements have basically gotten close to the road running perpendicular to my advance. Most of the late arrivals on my left are across the embankment and on the other side. Have never had such a variety of support items before, let alone in the quantities supplied. Something tells me I'll probably be wishing for three times as much before it's all said and done. Speaking of support, one major component is, so far at least, "all sound and fury, signifying nothing," to quote Shakespeare.

Contact so far has been minimal, and thanks? to those useless Aufklarungs types, I'm forced to advance without really knowing where the foe is, never mind the specifics of his disposition. Though my advance is on a broad front, I am paying great attention to mutual support, overlapping fires and overwatch.


John Kettler

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