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Bannon DC

"The Heights" series posted to The Scenario Depot (3 scenarios for CMAK)

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The Heights Series: This is a total of three scenario based on The Heights map. The battles are unrelated. The full series includes:

Heights - Road Rally (AI and H2H versions)

Players start scattered on the map and must compete to hold 10 flags. Even forces (German vs. American) with about 2000 points each, 22 turns fixed.

Heights - Race for the Heights

American reconnaissance-in-force encounters lightly defended German force in a hilly city dominated by a ridge called "The Heights." Secure the road junction and German HQ located in a palace. Avoid getting bogged down in street fighting. Designed to be played as American vs. AI, but has potential for 2 player game. 38+ turns with moderate amount of troops.

Heights - To the Top!

This is a large scale American assault to reach "The Heights" ridge. Map is slightly larger to include an American set up zone across the river. Germans are well entrenched and the height of the ridge gives them good line of sight to harass the Americans below (the AI does this very well!). The Americans can counter with abundant artillery and tank support. Designed to be played as Americans vs. AI. 78 turns (maybe more than you need).

Thanks to all the playtesters at The Proving Grounds whose help has given these scenarios a good run through resulting in edits that I hope give you a solid game. Your feedback and reviews are welcomed.

Note -- I will eventually release a balanced H2H version for "Heights - To the Top!"

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