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Gestapo HQ - An AAR in iambic sextameter, sort of

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Hi there CM fans! I just completed Richie's Gestapo HQ, a two-battle operation set in April '45 Berlin, and I had a blast! But more importantly, his terrific scenario inspired me to verse, which I inflicted on my long-suffering PBEM opponent with each movie file.

As a public service - or perhaps warning - I append this AAR on the operation's second battle.


By BigDuke6

It was night in Berlin and the Reds were abed

Each Soviet good guy laid down his sleepy head.

All the Red mines and MGs were dug in with care

In hopes that the nasty S.S. soon would be there.

Then deep behind Russky lines a fracas broke out,

When a direct fire gun crew found Krauts were about!

BOOM! bellowed the cannon and KER-BAM! went the round

And five HE shells later a building crashed down.

But the clever squad wasn't even there at all!

Hooting "You missed!", they blew fat rasberries - what gall!

So Russian cannon cockers took aim at the noise,

(Area fire was one of their favourite ploys.)

The Landsers clammed up when six shots hit the mark...

Meanwhile elsewhere, Fritz trucks could be heard in the dark!

Their hiding place smashed, the Kraut survivors made tracks;

And the commissars wrote off that threat to their backs.

Then tense silence engulfed the locality,

Slav lines bracing for more S.S. brutality.

The Teuton main force probed deeper for the Red lair,

Whispering "There are Ivans around here somewhere!

Dire boredom meanwhile engulfed the Commie pickets,

Who griped: "No sound out there except those damn crickets!"

And then - CONTACT! Landser hordes swarmed out of the murk,

And the Slavic gunners settled down to their work.

But the Schmeissers and Spandaus tore up the night

Seven point nine two slugs dictating the firefight.

A Russky sniper bolted, the Krauts cut him down;

Another Motherland's son dead in Berlin town.

Shouts, shots, and tracers red and green ripped through the gloom,

The Germans in woods, the Reds in ruins and room.

Some Commies died, a few ran, but most showed no fear,

And then, big surprise, there were more Krauts to the rear!

Grimly and cooly, the frontoviki turned 'round,

Tommy guns smoking, they poured thick fire on the sound.

A Kraut flame thrower whoofed lava hellish and hot,

A Red squad broke cover, the survivors were shot.

But other brave Socialists were far from defeat,

At one key road gap Kraut corpses littered the street.

In fits and quick rushes, more Landser pushed ahead

Into fierce Red defences, leaving a trail of dead.

Stitching Maxims gutted Teuton squads in a breath

Loading Berlin's cold streets with smoking gore and death.

In one house a Red commander held out alone,

Defiant at potato mashers his way thrown.

The S.S. pressed on with immpeccable attack,

And then: Sneaky Red fire shredding Krauts from the back!

The frontoviki unloaded on full auto,

Blue-eyed Aryans aimed shots back, like they were taught to.

The brawl ended with sniper Popov's killing shot.

Captain Bashkin lived. A platoon of S.S. - not.

Other Krauts fought on, choosing their targets with care,

Deadly Mausers drilled a Red flamethrower - not fair!

But now Reds scuttled forward in creeping raid,

Some Krauts ran out of ammo, and then ran afraid.

Red fire teams and grenades recaptured a smashed block

And brave S.S. hunkered down, waiting on the clock.

Clearing one house the Ivans found piles of Kraut dead;

Dozens sliced down by Ural steel and Donbass lead.

Scrambling ahead Red squads cleared a wrecked brick pile;

Inside hid S.S. survivors, beaten and vile.

The Russkies shouted "Gibt auf!", the Krauts up and ran;

The tommy guns scythed them, to the very last man.

And so it ended, the Communists standing fast.

For too many S.S., this battle was their last.

From Kraut HQ, the tactical lesson was sent:

"Don't fight Russians, in an urban environment!"

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I'm still designing...

Most of what I've done has been for the Stalingrad Campaign of late.

Stalingrad Station 1-i

The Grain Elevator, Stalingrad


The Heart of Stalingrad for a Tourney over at We Band of Brothers

These battles take place in downtown Stalingrad...

I'm still working on a number of other scenarios and I'm soon to upload a couple more to the depot... :D

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