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Securing the Corridor

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This is a great scenario guys! I added a link to a screen shot showing a column of T34's which entered from the southeast behind some straggling german units - as can be seen, they did a helluva job and ripped the hell out of em! :) In real life, those russian tankers must have had wide grins when they saw all those thin-skinned vehicles! .... anyway, I enjoyed scenario because the exact location of the german columns in unknown and they begin to appear in different areas so you kind of just move your forces toward the flags hoping to cut into them when they arrive. And, as the designer said - total confusion due to poor information and the weather! You know what would be very interesting? Design this game so that, at any time you can, if you wish, take personal control of any unit on the board (side you are playing) so in a critical situation, you may pick targets, aim, shoot, move, etc. at your command. So, while you execute commands for the next turn, you are in control of whatever unit you choose - real time. This would probably take a lot of work however, I think this would make the game a lot more fun :)



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