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Bannon DC

Combat Outpost Ukraine

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Combat Outpost Ukraine available at TSD. CMBB

A typical fortified zone included multiple lines of fortified positions built to interlock and provide mutual fire support. The “Combat Outpost” represented the first line of resistance and was designed to slow the enemy, gauge the strength of the attack, and operate as an observation post for artillery. Combat outposts were designed for all around defense (hedgehog position). The garrison and armament varied depending on the terrain, strength of enemy, and availability of resources. A well-organized zone would have mobile reserves ready for immediate counterattacks.

In this scenario, your objective is to capture one of these combat outposts. Your battalion is going into the thick of the action. You'll need to plan a well-corrdinated attack or failure is certain.

This scenario focuses on battalion tactics so I tried to use only battalion level units. You are borrowing some artillery assets. They are critical to success. And good to have around when you want to lash out at the AI. ;)

Comments welcomed.

Bannon DC

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