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Operation Uranus Scenario Pack

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******* SPOILERS *******

I've just finished roughing up Nidan1 in the first of your series.

I'll eventually get round to a much more detailed AAR but at the moment this image...


... and this email exchange may do ya.

What'cha think of play balance & stuff?

From my perspective it seems that having set-up most of my AT guns on the flanks it took you too long to realise my centre was weak... & you suffered REAL badly on the flanks! However a strong central thrust would probably have torn me a new one.


You are right, for a change, I tried the attack across the entire front, and the flanks stymied me completely. I was thinking of massing everything towards the center. The fog parted and started to reveal the wire, tree lines, bunkers trenches etc, which discouraged me from the central thrust and caused me to move back out to the flanks. I wanted to take the left flank and push to the center from there, but those bunkers made it hard. I lost my pioneer squads in that area too soon.

I think the play balance is quite good. The frontal assault on unknown and mosatly unseen positions negates the numerical advantage of the Reds. Maintaining control over the infantry units as they take fire is the number one task of the Russian player. A couple of looses TRPs might help the Russian player a bit.

All in all I'll say that this fight has the blessing of the Peng thread... keep it up JasonC & we'll make a Dorosh out of you yet!

Oh & we're about to start the second scenario.

[ May 31, 2006, 03:37 PM: Message edited by: Sir 37mm ]

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So Andreas and I finished a PBEM of the first one last week .. it only took us 16 months tongue.gif

Good game, even though he managed to KO all but one of my (Hungarian) 75mms on the first turn with his rocket strike. That made dealing with his armour a little tricky. In the end he did a mass surge to the exit and got just enough off in the last turn to squeak a minor victory. My forces were badly depleted, but his infantry weren't looking too flash either although they outnumbered me massively.

Cheers Jason


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Very glad to hear it. Also impressed that the Axis did so well with most of their ATGs taken out by the prep fire. Par for the course in my own testing was losing 1 out of 4, with 2 happening a fair portion of the time. But losing 3 is pretty nasty.

It is meant to be likely for the Russian armor to get through - but it takes competent Russian play, and their infantry pays dearly, regardless. It's the lack of cover, lack of deep overwatch from the limited visibility, and the wire.

I hope to be able to announce another release sometime this weekend...

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Operation Kutuzov is now ready at the Proving Grounds. 10 scenarios from early to late July 1943, depicting the Russian counteroffensive that stopped the battle of Kursk.

The scenarios are coded within the name for whether they depict the fighting on the north face of the salient (the main effort) or the east face (the secondary attack). I have not depicted the southern push by the weakened forces that fought the German Kursk offensive, since I do not consider their contribution critical to the campaign outcome.

There are 6 fights on the northern face and 4 on the eastern. Really, though, one of the northern ones is in the eastern sector - the 9th of the pack, 4th Tank Army Flanks Bolkhov. At that point the Russians were attacking east from their northern breakthrough, trying to link up with the east face drive.

Those without time to play them all could play the north face ones only, or the east face ones, as smaller scenario packs. Naturally I think the whole set give a better impression of the campaign.

As always, feedback and comments welcome.

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