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I dont know if this is where you had in mind for a after action report but here it is anyway....

Bill101 who has caused me more losses than any other, and I played mirror games. The settings were 0-300-1000 with France and the UK starting IT level=1. Rules no invasion of the UK before 1942 and no landings of Canada/USA before the UK is taken.

I took France one turn before Bill ( 7-14 vs 7-28) and losses were about equal but I had handed out heavier losses on both sides to his navies. We took Norway on the same turn but I took Sweden 7 turns faster while he also took Greece. USA and USSR came in 3 turns prior to them coming in for him. Both attacks on the soviets were weaker while mine being weaker than his- he had maybe 3 border armies escape. I took Finland 2 turns after and Egypt the next turn after that.During this time he was taking Spain.His progress in the East was a turn or 2 better at this time. I took Iraq with the axis and not long after with the allies as well.I had all 3 of my carriers and he had none.Air tech was very even on both sides with us playing most of the game at level1 but I had plus 2 on range with the germans. Once the soviets took Iraq I was feeling like my plan was going well but in just a few turns later he killed 6 soviet units in one turn- 2 tanks and an army included, not to mention he had invaded France the turn before with a strong land force.My axis had taken Rostov and were ready to cut the Reds in half when the Siberians counter- attacked. In his second monster turn he killed 6 axis units in one turn.

The game was winding down as my eastern axis attack was stopped and I couldnt attack his invasion force in the west. My allies still held Egypt even as he pounded it with 6 air units. My soviets were still strong but his 12-13 air units were more than I could handle for long. His allies were raiding and landing all over and he was breaking out in the west as well as the east.

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These were two great games, though I enjoyed the one where I was the allies the most because I was totally convinced that I had lost, yet managed to turn it around in just a couple of turns.

The Earl had sunk all three of my British carriers, I'd lost Egypt and he had Iraq. I had a few RAF airfleets and the bomber around London, and 2 US HQs and 6 armies hovering in the Irish Sea.

The Russians had fallen back to the river line that runs between SE of Moscow, down to Stalingrad and then west to Rostov. I'd placed a corps in Moscow just to slow the Germans down, while I prepared for the worst.

At that moment I got the Siberians while partisans struck at the Axis supply lines - those partisans were the most vital allied unit in the whole game!

British commandos had managed to cut off supply to Scandinavia, while other allied forces landed at Morroco while the Earl's Italians conquered Spain.

With the Siberians the Russians went straight into the counterattack, with shockingly successful results. Axis unit after Axis unit went down. It was like the Schlieffen plan, with Russian forces rolling up his line from north to south.

Meanwhile the Americans decided to land in France in a "it's now or never" type move, and the Earl evacuated Brest the next turn (the defenders were surrounded and down to strength 3, so it wasn't necessarily a bad move).

Over succeeding turns the Americans got the upper hand in France with a lot of help from the RAF, and the Russian advance was slowed down but not halted in the Ukraine.

It was amazing how quickly this game turned around, and it just goes to show that you should never give up until it really is clear that the enemy have won.

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