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*** SC PBEM LEAGUE - Has Ended ***

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Anyone interested in a tourney for this league?

Needs to be a modified scenario, something short.

One idea I had is to use the standard 39 scenario with modified victory conditions: Axis must take UK by the end of 41 to win. Play balance could be addressed with MPPs


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How about activate all the countries, dividing them up to give equal MPPs per turn to each side. Then with the editor give each player the same force mix or a MPP amount to build, allowing them a free setup of the units. Save the scenario and send it to the opposition for their free deployment, save and start a war that last 2 years, one with the most MPPs/per turn at the end is winner.

[ March 26, 2004, 11:01 PM: Message edited by: SeaMonkey ]

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We now have 23 players listed with at least one win. We have more new players that have not yet recorded their first win, but will.

Player - wins/loses - skill rating

1 kurt88 4-7 1422

2 Reepicheep 12-10 1627

3 Rannug 21-5 1751

4 Bill101 20-9 1666

5 Terif 8-0 1690

6 nanope 7-1 1649

7 Jordy 4-3 1557

8 Curry 36-18 1705

9 Friendly_Fire 7-2

10 earl of white22 1513

11 Dragonheart 2-0 1565

12 Tigleth Pilisar 4-1 1566

13 earl of white 1-0 1541

14 Steiner 6-3 1564

15 Sidius 3-5 1473

16 Flatus 1-5 1401

17 Panzer39 7-7 1476

18 Yaggmoth 1-1 1518

19 Phrase 2-6 1449

20 AlexandertheOK 6-16 1411

21 Bellmann 2-0 1549

22 Wehrmacht 1-7 1427

23 King Kristian 1-0 1530

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I am looking for opponents too. I am relatively new to SC, but by no means new to strategic war games and thrashed the AI on the hardest settings the first SC game I ever played, having only read the manual. Nevertheless, some of the people here sound really good so prehaps an non-expert opponent is better. I may be able to play TCP/IP depending on what ports need to be open, I can defintely PBEM smile.gif

my email is nort0135@d.umn.edu

please make sure to have an appropriate subject heading or it will be deleted

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Lots of players in the league. This is just all those that have at least one win. This is the win/loss record and the rating.

kurt88 4-7 1422

Reepicheep 12-10 1627

Rannug 27-5 1802

Bill101 22-10 1653

nanope 7-1 1649

Curry 43-19 1721

Friendly_Fire 8-2 1631

earl of white22 12-10 1545

AlexandertheOK 11-20 1475

Terif 9-0 1705

Dragonheart 2-0 1565

Tigleth Pilisar 4-1 1566

earl of white 1-0 1541

King Kristian 3-0 1594

Phrase 3-7 1476

Steiner 7-3 1572

Sidius 5-7 1448

Flatus 1-5 1401

Panzer39 7-8 1459

kossuth 1-10 1357

Yaggmoth 2-1 1544

Bellmann 2-1 1533

Wehrmacht 2-8 1454

Cheesehead 1-2 1465

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We now have over 100 players signed up for the sc pbem league.

We have 28 players with at least one win

We have 386 win/losses recorded

If you are new and want a game just email the list that is here and say what kind of game you are looking for or what kind of player you are looking for. Dont be afraid to email the list, that is what it is here for.

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Here is an updated mail list of league members. If you want a game just email the list or a part of the list and ask away. There are all types of different players from excellent to newbies. Just say what type of game you are looking for.


[ June 25, 2004, 07:00 PM: Message edited by: Curry ]

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You go up in rank when you beat someone higher but when Kurt lost some games it must have been against some low ranked players that moved up but was to far behind to pass by Kurt. Kurt got his Nr one spot when there was very few players in the league and have not played so many games since.

There is other ways to see how good a player is...win/loss, skill level and # of higher ranked players you fought with.

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hey Curry - my emails to you keep returning so thought Id contact you here. Thanks for running the League and you are right when you say new players have to lose a few games at the start. I used to be top of the 'losing streak table'. I hope you will keep running the League when SC2 comes out because Im sure Im not alone in believing that war games are played on hexes. And a question - how long does a PBEM game continue and is it a draw if time runs out?

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1. The List is getting so long that you may wish to email just a part of the list. But dont be afraid to send out an email asking for a game. Its still the best way to find a game

2. Remember to agree on houserules before you start.

3. We have gone over 600 matches played and have 126 players signed up.

fordiplomacy@msn.com, kurt_vanlooy@hotmail.com, suworonow@wp.pl, elgenstrom@hotmail.com, wbotsford@cinci.rr.com, transam00@cox.net, robert.buki@telia.com, dcelozzi@comcast.net, d.p.dailey@worldnet.att.net, bill.run@ntlworld.com, jkthomasser@adelphia.net, chsideri@anco.gr, durape@yahoo.es, pmbedard@attbi.com, kaiser_1982@hotmail.com, jubel@freenet.de, sbelisle@mwt.net, maludwig55@web.de, gnomism@yahoo.com, smithstacey29@aol.com, fwd0006@hotmail.com, tigleth.pilisar@shaw.ca, dmackey@dhq.nu, true_avatar47@hotmail.com, billyray71@hotmail.com, headquarters21@mchsi.com, sddobrzy@comcast.net, gmclauch@bigpond.net.au, michael.kriechbaum@chello.at, imaginationgraveyard@hotmail.com, robcrimm@aol.com, pgeets@es-ko.com, pjflanag@aol.com, skanvak@wanadoo.fr, alexandrebleu@aol.com, valheruorden@hotmail.com, michael@bsdbistro.com, dhorkoff@hotmail.com, chrisjowalsh@yahoo.com, derek@t-10.fsnet.co.uk, junke65@hotmail.com, augeross@hotmail.com, bintravkin@one.lv, av8rpei@hotmail.com, andre.stadel@ewetel.net, chloeinfl@hotmail.com, bigbaldone@cox.net, kani@jippii.fi, max1978mi@netscape.net, lange_kristian@hotmail.com, nogue@hotmail.com, noel60@midsouth.rr.com, michis@ny.airnet.ne.jp, jw_mchugh@comcast.net, lepatriote5@yahoo.ca, jesus.soria@mi.madritel.es, arron.driscoll@rogers.com, henrycc@erols.com, fukuokadave@hotmail.com, applehammond@juno.com, felix.machin@btopenworld.com, x-com@axelero.hu, eorlinga@terra.es, markos83@hotmail.com, edyvm82@hotmail.com, bas13duin@hotmail.com, soennichde@yahoo.de, nanafs@vodafone.es, antitero@jippii.fi, thecursedsoul@hotmail.com, ervil@netcabo.pt, jfly1@yahoo.com, martinvonwillebrand@helsinki.fi, blashy@hotmail.com, nort0135@d.umn.edu, robmfisher7@tiscali.co.uk, arngrim@chello.se, craig@ckcentral.com, pascal.sgm.39-45@voila.fr, jstory@stx.rr.com, tsalmeli@paju.oulu.fi, zastrow@cae.wisc.edu, jamescherib@msn.com, kool_cold_craig@hotmail.com, sanruan@san.rr.com, lvanloon@shaw.ca, kjgel@telus.net, s.clayton87@ntlworld.com, mike.clayton@cwgsy.net, abulbulian@hotmail.com, archibald@blueyonder.co.uk, kimmellm@cwu.edu, redy82nd@pacbell.net, mkwiddie@amigo.net, drbargus@aol.com, robertasp@runbox.com, snakepits_4ever@hotmail.com, rrharris@erols.com, jnricotta@aol.com, boozer2004@earthlink.net, greggvontell@sbcglobal.net, jeff@jeff4mandy.fsnet.co.uk, amosgraber@hotmail.com, powerfull_god@hotmail.com, aesop123@hotmail.com, michael_urquhart@onetel.net

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Greetings fellow SC war gamers.

Here is an email on two topics. But first special greetings to new players. We are always glad that new players join the league and I hope you will find and play a game. You can check out the thread on our sticky that is at the top of the battlefront forum. There is enough information in that to help you but if you need more help finding a game drop me an email.

1) RULES AND SUCH FOR THE LADDER. First please know that the SC PBEM league was simply set up so that people could have a place to record wins and losses. The main purpose of the league was to build a base of players to find a game via email. There is of course going to be some competion when you have a league but the email system does not suit itself for majoy competion. So above all remember this league is for fun.

Many have asked me how does the ladder work. Here is the simple version for an answer.

* When you win the person who has lost the game or match needs to record the win. They need your league name to do so. * When you win your first game you are recorded in the standings. You need to win one game before you show up with a record. * When you win a game you move up the ladder 50%. That means if you are the 10th person on the ladder and you defeat the #1 player you move up half way between 10 and 1 which would be the 5th space. * If you have not played a match in 8 months or 240 days you will be deleted from the league. * If you are in the top ten and have not played a match within 60 days you will drop 3 spaces. I have just changed this. It was set at 90 and I thought I would move it up to 60 days giving the many new players that play a lot a better chance to move up. Especially since competion is not the number one goal of the league.

Rememember there are better ways to see how good a player is then the position they are in on the ladder. For instance, how many games have they played? If they have played a lot of games they will usually be a dependable player. What is their rating and wins verses losses. This will show how good the player is perhaps better than anything else. For instance Rannug has the highest rating and for a good reason, he is a very good player. Terif also is undefeated for a good reason, he is the best player in any league. I hope this helps those that have asked me about this.

2. Cheating. There is or was a recent thread on the battlefront forum about an incident where it looks like a player was cheating in a pbem game. I am glad to say that player who is suspected of cheating is not in our PBEM league. Mistakes can happen so be careful before saying anyone is cheating. I even started a game with the wrong file once, but if you see how many games I have played and started it can happen. If you suspect someone is cheating you may ask other players or even list it on the battlefront forum without giving the name. I have suspected cheating in some games. What I do is resign and even give the win but never play that player again. I have played so many games that I can tell when tech increases come too often and when combat results are just too good to be true time and time again. However, unless its so evident I cannot be 100% sure and I will not accuse someone falsely so I just resign and move on. PBEM is not a secure system yet. I hope the creator of SC in SCII will help us make it more secure.

I hope everyone is playing in at least one match. Remember above all - have fun, win with respect and die with honor. Best to all Curry

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Wow, I seem to be at the top of the leaderboard, how in hell did this happen?

Starting in September I will increase the number of active games I am playing in order to give top ten players a chance to take over the number one spot.

I can likely take on another game or two now if you are willing to put up with delayed responses...

Fire me an email challenge and I will add you to my queue.

Also willing to take on tutorial games if Yoda's classes are full!

glad to see the league is so active!


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