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"Rangers Run to the Fight" - CMAK

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OK, I'm probably the second-best strategician in the world. Who's first, you ask? Well, just about everyone else :D .

Question for those who have played the Subject scenario in CMAK. In the window when the game is underway, it shows the Germans as being the attackers and the US as being defenders. I'm confused by that, because it is supposed to be the Rangers attacking the German guns, is it not (and as for that, all I see are flags, no guns)?

Second question is (referring back to my first para), has anyone found a way to beat the Germans in this one? It seems I'm outnumbered and attacking in broad daylight. Obviously I'm doing something wrong (yeah, like LOSING! :mad: ), so my strategy is "suspect", but I'm not sure how one would tackle this problem. Any advice on tactics would be great.

By the by, I'm calling into question my tactics and "skill", not the scenario or the designer of said. It's a neat scenario.


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