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Dnieper river Soviet paratroop drop '43

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Title: Red Parachutes

Type: Meeting Engagement

Date: Sept 24, 1943

Location: Dudari, Ukraine

Region: Central

Weather: Dry, Cool

Terrain: Village, Night

Wind: Breeze from the SE

Turns: 20+

Author: Tim 'Rune' Orosz

Kevin Kinscherf

Background: The 3d Guards Tank Army along with the 1st Guards Cavalry Corps, has advanced against the Germans to the Dnepr River. They had blown open a 70 km wide front, and reached the river on the 21st, but the lack of bridging equipment, along with heavy raids by German Bombers have stalled the Russian assault, but not until they managed a small bridgehead near Velikyi Bukrin.

The decision was made by Stavka to launch an Airborne Assault using the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Guards Airborne brigades to secure a nearby bridge and to help expand the bridgehead that was formed.

On the night of the 24th/25th, the largest Airborne conducted by the Russians took place. 500 sorties were planned, carrying the bulk of 10,000 troops to positions behind the surprised Germans.

Thanks to the sites:



and thanks to

Kevin Kinscherf!

1500 Points, Semi-Historical since I could not find a good map.

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