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[bug] US infantry don't know when (not) to use AT4?

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I've just got a very frustrating experience trying to ambush enemy armored units with Javelin. I had a rifle team with Javelin hidden inside a building and able to spot a BMP-3 in the distance (about 250 m). As soon as they spotted the vehicle, they started to fire their AT4 at it, revealing their position immediately. Of course, all the AT4 missed at such distance, BMP returned fire and all the team lied dead long before Javelin operator had a chance to fire his missile.

It looks like a bug in TacAI. The only workaround I could come up with is to never give Javelin to a team with AT4, and that is not cool at all...

Actually, according to the patch notes, a similar bug was "fixed" in 2.10. However, in 2.12 and 2.13 I still see rifle teams using their AT4 prematurely, revealing their position and getting wiped out before they can fire a Javelin.




 * FIXED: US antitank teams always fire AT4 before using Javelin


Video example:


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