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Fire Support Methods of Attack

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I found my little shirt pocket sized handbook that I used to carry as a FIST Chief and as a Brigade Fire Support Officer and then Artillery Bn S-3 (Ops officer).  It's full of useful info and templates for fire support - calls for fire, how to develop ops plans for attack and defense. All the info a fire support officer at different levels needs at hand in abbreviated format. The most useful thing though for CM I found in it is a couple of pages of opposing targets and recommended fire missions - which resource and how many volleys, and different tables for attack and defense. 

This might be most useful for Black Sea due to the time period (this was from about 1979-80 I think). HOWEVER, all of my experience was in the 82d Airborne, which is a very highly trained light infantry division that arrives in style. We had towed 105s (M102s - the successor to the M101s from WW2 and Korea), 81mm and 4.2" (107mm) mortars. Same as WW2. The biggest difference we had was more forward observers pushed down to lower levels. Our fire direction procedures still used charts and "firing sticks" (specialized slide rules for calculating elevation and time for time fuses. One per charge) So it may be pretty well applicable to WW2 as well, with the obvious change that the calls for ICM and DPICM would not apply. But each one has a few choices depending on the friendly resources.

It could be used for reference by players, or by scenario designers setting AI fire missions I think.


Enjoy. Hope this is useful.



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