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I responded last week to your same question in this thread. I believe (but I haven't checked specifically) that the copies of CMBO, CMBB and CMAK purchased from Battlefront directly MIGHT work under Windows 10 (a simple disc-check copy-protection system). CDV and Paradox sold CM games in the retail channel (what you may have bought from a brick-and-mortar store or other sites online). These copies use a different copy-protection scheme that DOES NOT work under Windows 10 to my knowledge (SafeDisc). This would prevent the games from working. I believe CDV may have offered an 'Anthology' pack of the CM games that lacked any copy-protection and those copies could potentially work (though I think the CMAK game doesn't have the latest patch in this particular release).

As GerryCMBB pointed out, if your copy isn't working, then you could purchase the Gog.com distribution which has no copy-protection and will work under Windows 10.

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Related question: Can a person using the GOG versions play-by-email or TCP/IP against someone using the original Battlefront versions? Are there any compatibility issues between the various published versions as far as PBEM or TCP/IP, provided both players are running with the last patches? I have a friend who is thinking about buying the GoG versions so he and I can PBEM or TCP/IP. I have the original Battlefront versions. I'm thinking the GoG version would be the best way to go for a newbie player, correct?

Another question: Firstly, I'm still running Win7, which I've had to reinstall a few months ago.

After reinstalling the three original games and applying the latest patches and Radeon graphics fixes, all of them run with no problems. However, I've noticed a couple of odd things. While CMBO and CMAK start immediately after I click their icons, CMBB has a 43 second delay before its splash screen comes up, which is something I don't remember having been the case in my previous installs. Also, although the CMBO patch says it's v1.12, its splash screen says v1.3, which is also something I don't remember being the case previously, although I may just not have noticed it.

Like I said, all three games seem to run fine, so I'm just wondering about these issues (which may be non-issues).

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I can't see any of the the scenario's /saves in my cmak scenario list for some reason. I can click on the blank area and a scenario will load up, I just don't have any idea what I am loading up until on the battlefield... strange.

EDIT: Ah yes, I re-installed Windows 7 on this laptop, CMAK was located on another drive... I assume I will need to re-install for the scenario list to become visible for me again? Luckly I did make a snap purchase of the CMx1 bundle package a several years ago (I just had to have a better digital backup of this series) and the price was right....

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Sometimes seeing text in the initial menus of the games may require that you Alt-Tab out of the game (minimizing it) and then re-maximizing it. This refresh seems to draw the text and make it visible. This MIGHT be necessary with each new text screen in the menus/2D portion of the game.

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