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MCPON: This past week, we’ve seen a rise in numbers who have tested positive for the coronavirus throughout the Fleet. We continue to take this threat very seriously and are working aggressively to keep Sailors healthy, as well as to prevent further spread of the virus. 

US Navy not just the MSM seem to recognise somethings up... a bit more serious than man-flu

Captain of aircraft carrier with growing coronavirus outbreak pleads for help from Navy

“This will require a political solution but it is the right thing to do,” Crozier wrote. “We are not at war. Sailors do not need to die. If we do not act now, we are failing to properly take care of our most trusted asset — our Sailors.”


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4 hours ago, Kevin2k said:

I beat you to that one, earlier. Yes it is a lovely article.


Or don't. And be critical when your income and freedoms are being butchered.

Seems Nina Strochlic is the usual feminst and hangs out with the royal family, that likes to fake their own corona illness.




Meanwhile in the real world, where corona is not found:

- I was travelling internationally throughout january with a colleague. Some airports were already announcing pandemic messages. Some passengers had mouthcaps. Was at a very crowded party in february. Was at two bars almost every friday. Three birthday parties. My colleages are still travelling internationally op to this very moment. How does this make sense?


- No known case in this town. Where gossip travels fast.

- Large hospital in city nearby is quiet, according to nurses from my town.

- Obituaries in newspaper are as usual.

- My niece knows three people that were quarantined for suspected infection earlier. None of them were ever tested. One of them having a bad cold after a trade fair in northern Italy (right there and then, where the european press madness started). He was interned but never tested

- I don't know anybody in real life that actually knows a confirmed corona case in person.

There is one sort of exception and that is that in an elderly home were another niece works; three people were said to have corona and were moved to another facility. Average age about 75. I don't actually count this as valid because it could be anything, and they are out of sight now.  (Also as I wrote earlier the goverment tends to add the oldest of the elderly to their corona death statistics:  averages of 82 and 85. So are these actually tested? Don't answer...)

As of last week 40 people in my company had been diagnosed positive.  2 were in ICU.  Yep totally fake news and not really happening.  I'll let their families know it is all hype.


The only really fake news so far is China's figures.  The United States already has more fatalities than what China has admitted to.  Anyone who thinks their numbers are even remotely close to what the true figure is …..

Come to think of it, I don't know anyone older than 90 so God must have created all humans sometime around 90 years ago.

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The controversy is not so much how bad it is. Rather, at which point do you carry on with life as before? We are still early in this so fine. In about 3 months lets say people are going to want to talk about the end game, phase 2, whatever.

And then what?

"...But, speaking only for myself, and as one who celebrated his eighty-first birthday this month, I would rather take the risk of contracting the virus than see my children and grandchildren experience a depression or worse."

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as opposed to depriving their children of their Grandfather?  The 80 year olds going back to work isn't going to save the economy.  The 20-50's maybe.  Either way anyone going back to soon risks crashing our healthcare system increasing the deaths etc.  Let's all just behave with a  little restraint and see what the recommendations are from our medical community.  They will pay the price of us not following their guidelines.  All well and good for that grandfather to say that but what he doesn't say is all those healthcare workers now have to accept the risk to them and their families of him boldly volunteering his own risk.

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Trump seems to have finally understood the potential impact to America. Very different press briefing than a week ago. 

Leadership comes from the top and filters down, I have seen that 1st hand working with many CEO's in powerful FTSE 100 companies and you need the right leadership giving the right message. 


"The number of deaths, based on current projections, is between 100,000 and 200,000. On 15 April, for instance, 2,214 Americans are expected to die."

As for China's figures I guess we will never really know as they are not exactly open to scrutiny. 

The UK still has not got testing sorted as it should be and after this it will become a national scandal (unless somehow it gets buried....)

Poor leadership affects the poor as they get shafted. 


The countries showing great leadership are South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan (a country in my eyes).

Hats off to South Korea and they have acted on the warnings the world was given, Ebola etc....

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