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Personally, I think the balance is about right.

Tanks are invincible, dominant forces on the battlefield, right up until the moment they aren't. That's true for close assault, handheld AT weapons and larger AT assets.

Making any movement in a sufficiently dense urban environment is a die roll - you're taking a risk with each step, and it's something that you have to work hard to keep on top of. It's possible to do it flawlessly, and wonder what the fuss was all about, but it only takes a couple of dodgy decisions for you to be wrecked.

There are parts of the simulation (gun elevation, for example) which are not modelled. Generally these are a little more minor, and the broad strokes of the tactical exercise remain intact. It's reasonable to argue about what's missing here, since there's definitely room for improvement, even if you end up with diminishing returns.

The strengths of infantry over armour in an urban environment are the inherently short ranges of everything, which only favour the infantry, concealment, which only favours the infantry, and to a lesser extent the effect of elevation - getting hits in on open-topped vehicles or thin top armour with AT weapons. Not every AT weapon is ideal for that (PIATs are pretty exceptional in that environment), but they can all do it to some extent. The strengths of armour over infantry in the same environment is that they give access to a dominant amount of MG fire and HE on a mobile, protected platform, and therefore can shut down any firefight pretty quickly.

So... yes. Tanks are amazing, and they're useless. Tanks are more vulnerable in cities than on the open field, but they're not immediately dead, and have a useful role to play.

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