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CM Ultimate Recorder Updated for R2V

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Small announcement that's not a mod, not a map, but it's over at the new CMMODS anyways. :P The Ultimate Recorder excel based workbook has been updated with all the new R2V introduced goodies plus a few more tweaks and changes. Includes an updated read me.


For those that like to have a record of all their games and outcomes... or just to keep track of the number of pixeltruppen you've sent to the grave.


A little dated video tutorial but the principles are the same.


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It wasn't bad enough that my ISP, PRC, PLA, Google, Microsoft, and the NSA are tracking everything I say here.

Now, you got big data counting every round my pixeltruppen sent down range, and that Corporal Upham only fired a single round in 2 1/2 hours!!!


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