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76 Different Free Copies of After The Battle

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Happy New Year to the CM Scenario Designers...

Thank You for all the work people have done over the years to entertain me and others...

The following my help in future scenario designs....

Part of my New Year Resolution is to have a tidy out of items I no longer use but may be of value to others.

So I have the following Job Lot (to be Taken as a Whole) for any scenario designer that wants some excellent articles about various periods of WW2. They date (publication) from 1976 onwards...

If you are not aware of After the Battle it is a Magazine that prints photo's of a specific battle or event in WW2 showing how it looks today compared to when the event took place. A lot of research and details with maps are usually included so a great resource for scenario designers...

These are FREE just the cost of the postage to where you live (please bear in mind this is printed material and weighs around 16kg).

The Numbers I have: -

14,32,36,40,50,65, 90-92, 94-95, 99-142, 144-149, 152-155, 157-159, 161-163, 165-170 and a Special one about Arnhem.


Se the above link for specific details of each magazine and battles covered.

If you want these please drop me a PM and we can work out how best to get them to you.

If I have heard nothing by the end of January I will e-bay them....

FYI - I live in the UK and if I can get weight under 15KG Hermes charges around £10 to deliver to the UK.

BattleFront if this breeches any policy please delete but I am not making any money from this and want the community to benefit from the resources I have collected as a New Year gesture of good will to the CM Community....


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Sorry no, not sure how legal that would be?

Anyway they should have been delivered successfully yesterday so maybe the new owner can help with specific requests? 

I think they have found quite an appropriate new home.

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On 1/5/2020 at 12:10 AM, Holien said:

These look like they have found an excellent home. Just sorting out logistics and once sorted I will update the thread...

Very decent of you, Holien.

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Well they have arrived at the final destination and Bootie has cleared some space...

Hopefully won't get into trouble posting the link he gave me for his YouTube Channel...

It does mean you get to see who Bootie is....

My Wife is already plotting what she will do with the free shelf space...


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